AC/DC: Is Pat Burgess, Colin Burgess Wife? Relationship Status

Colin Burgess Wife

Exploring the enigmatic personal life of Colin Burgess, the original drummer of the legendary rock band AC/DC, reveals a lack of public information regarding his marital status. Despite his significant contribution to the music world, Burgess has maintained a private life, leaving many details about his personal relationships, including his potential wife Pat Burgess, largely unknown.

Summary Table

NameColin Burgess
RoleOriginal Drummer, AC/DC
Age at Passing77
Notable ContributionPlayed a crucial role in AC/DC’s early years
Personal LifeDetails largely unknown
Marital StatusUnclear; possible wife Pat Burgess unconfirmed

The Private Life of Colin Burgess

No, Pat Burgess is not AC’DC drummer Colin Burgess wife. (Source: Daily Mail)

Colin Burgess, an integral part of AC/DC’s formative years, chose to keep his personal life away from the spotlight. This decision has led to a scarcity of information regarding his relationship status, including the identity of his potential wife. The drummer’s discreet approach to his private affairs contrasts with his public persona as a rock music icon.

It is important to distinguish between Colin Burgess, the AC/DC drummer, and another individual with the same name who is an author. The latter, an accomplished writer from Sydney, is married to Pat Burgess and has a family. This clarification is crucial to avoid confusion regarding the identities of the two Colin Burgesses.

Burgess’s Legacy in Rock Music

Colin Burgess’s contributions to AC/DC, particularly in the band’s early years, are undeniable. His influence extends beyond his drumming skills, as he was present during pivotal moments in the band’s history, including the night of Bon Scott’s tragic death. Burgess’s musical legacy in AC/DC continues to resonate in the rock music world.

The absence of detailed information about Colin Burgess’s personal life, including his potential wife Pat Burgess, adds an element of mystery to his profile. This lack of public knowledge about his romantic relationships highlights his preference for maintaining a private life, separate from his professional achievements.

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AC/DC and Burgess’s Impact

As an original member of AC/DC, Colin Burgess played a significant role in shaping the band’s sound and style. His contributions during the early 1970s were instrumental in establishing AC/DC as a powerhouse in rock music. Despite his influence on the band, Burgess remained a private individual, keeping his personal life out of the public eye.

Colin Burgess: The Man Behind the Drums

Colin Burgess’s decision to lead a private life, especially regarding his marital status and relationship history, is a testament to his desire to keep his personal affairs separate from his public image. This approach has led to a limited understanding of his life outside of music.

The lack of information about Colin Burgess’s personal relationships, including his potential wife Pat Burgess, speaks volumes about his preference for privacy. His life story, while rich in musical achievements, remains shrouded in mystery when it comes to his romantic encounters.

The Enigma of Colin Burgess’s Relationships

Colin Burgess wife details is not available. (Source: Click 2 Huston)

Given the absence of details about his ex-girlfriends or past relationships, Colin Burgess’s personal life remains an enigma. His deliberate choice to keep his private life under wraps is a reflection of his personal values and his distinction between his public persona and private identity.

AC/DC’s Legacy and Burgess’s Role

Colin Burgess’s impact on AC/DC’s legacy is undeniable. As the original drummer, his contribution to the band’s early success set the stage for AC/DC’s rise to fame. However, his decision to maintain a private personal life has left fans and historians with limited knowledge about his relationships and potential wife.

Burgess’s Personal Choices and Public Image

The contrast between Colin Burgess’s public role as a renowned drummer and his private life as an individual with closely guarded personal relationships highlights the complexity of his character. His choices reflect a deliberate effort to keep his personal life away from the public domain, maintaining an air of mystery around his personal affairs.


Colin Burgess, the original drummer of AC/DC, remains an intriguing figure in the world of rock music. His contributions to the band are well-documented and celebrated, but his personal life, particularly his relationship status and the identity of his potential wife, remains largely a mystery. This privacy, a personal choice, adds to the enigmatic legacy of a music icon.