Leighton Smith Obituary: Honoring ADM Leighton W. “Snuffy” Smith Jr., USN (Ret.)

The Naval Academy community grieves the loss of Admiral Leighton W. “Snuffy” Smith Jr., USN (Ret.), a graduate of the Class of 1962. His extraordinary career and dedication to the Naval Academy have profoundly shaped the institution.

Summary Table

Full NameADM Leighton W. “Snuffy” Smith Jr., USN (Ret.)
Naval Academy Class1962
Career AchievementsVarious command positions in the U.S. Navy
Role at Alumni AssociationChair of the Board of Trustees

A Distinguished Military Career

ADM Smith’s journey in the U.S. Navy began after his graduation in 1962. His career was marked by various command positions, showcasing his leadership and commitment to service.

Leadership at the Naval Academy Alumni Association

As Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Alumni Association, ADM Smith played a pivotal role in guiding and strengthening the organization. His leadership reflected his profound dedication to the Naval Academy.

Continuing Legacy and Influence

Even after his tenure as chair, ADM Smith remained actively involved in the Alumni Association. His passion for mentoring and strengthening the alumni community has left a lasting impact on generations of naval officers.

A Legacy of Honor, Courage, and Commitment

ADM Smith’s life and contributions are a testament to the core values of the Naval Academy. His legacy of service, leadership, and love for the institution will continue to inspire future naval officers.


We extend our deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of ADM Smith. His remarkable legacy will forever be remembered and celebrated within the Naval Academy community and beyond.