Car Racer Brad Wildes Obituary And Death: Cancer Update

The racing community of Tomah, Wisconsin, and beyond is mourning the loss of Brad Wildes, a renowned car racer and cherished member of the community. Known for his remarkable skill on the racetrack and his unwavering spirit, Brad’s life story is one of passion, resilience, and a deep commitment to those around him.

Brad Wildes: More Than a Racer

Raised in a family passionate about racing, Brad Wildes found his calling in the modified division at Tomah Sparta Speedway. His journey in racing was not just about speed and competition; it was about forming a bond with the community and leaving a lasting impact.

His Life and Legacy

  • Military Service: Brad was a proud veteran of the US Army.
  • Post-Retirement: After serving in the army, he retired from the post office.
  • Community Engagement: Known as “The Wildman,” he was deeply involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting local causes.

Brad Wildes’ Obituary and Tributes

A talented racer, Brad Wildes is remembered for his passion and community commitment. (Image Source: Facebook)

Brad Wildes’ obituary paints a picture of a man who lived life to the fullest. His resilience and passion were evident both on and off the racetrack. Friends, family, and admirers have come forward to share their memories and pay homage to a man who was a role model to many.

Tributes from Friends and the Racing Community

  • Daphne Corbin: Shared memories of their adventures and Brad’s impact on social media.
  • Lambert Forest Products Racing: His racing team paid a heartfelt tribute on Facebook, celebrating his qualities as a racer and a person.

The Battle with Cancer: Brad Wildes’ Final Race

Brad Wildes, a racer from Tomah, Wisconsin, succumbed to cancer, shocking the community. (Image Source: Facebook)

Brad Wildes’ life was sadly cut short on November 12, 2023, after a valiant fight against cancer. His struggle with the illness demonstrated the same courage and determination he exhibited on the racetrack.

Struggle and Strength

  • Illness: Brad battled cancer bravely, showing resilience.
  • Family’s Announcement: His wife, Jessica Wildes, shared the sad news on social media, highlighting his strenuous fight against the disease.

Brad Wildes’ Impact on Racing and Community

Brad’s legacy in the racing world, particularly at Tomah Sparta Speedway, is marked by numerous victories and championships. His #55 Lambert Forest Products Chevrolet was a symbol of his passion and talent.

His Racing Achievements

  • Success at Tomah Sparta Speedway: Known for his impressive racing skills.
  • Influence in Racing Community: Left a significant mark in Midwest Dash Series and Wisconsin Dirt Racing.

Conclusion: Celebrating Brad Wildes’ Life

As we bid farewell to Brad Wildes, we remember a man whose life was a blend of thrilling races, community service, and inspiring battles. His memory will continue to live on in the hearts of those who knew him and in the racing community that he loved so dearly.