Brandi Mallory Wikipedia And Age: Extreme Weight Loss Contestant Parents And Family

Brandi Mallory Wikipedia Weight loss journey

Brandi Mallory, once a contestant on “Extreme Weight Loss,” is now a beacon of inspiration in the world of health and fitness. With her transformation journey and the roles of makeup artist and dance instructor, Brandi has carved out a significant presence online, captivating a robust following on Instagram.

Embracing Change: Brandi Mallory’s Life in the Limelight

Born on August 19, 1983, in Stone Mountain, GA, Brandi Mallory stepped into the spotlight at 40, showcasing her multifaceted talents and becoming a symbol of positive change.

ProfessionNoteworthy Contributions
Makeup ArtistOperates a dedicated Instagram page for her makeup artistry
Reality TV StarGained fame through “Extreme Weight Loss” Season 4
Dance InstructorTeaches at the Dance Your Pounds Off workout program

Her journey on “Extreme Weight Loss” was more than a physical transformation—it was a step towards new opportunities in her career and life.

Brandi Mallory inspired people to believe in themself and work hard. (Source: Rolling Out)

The Role of Family in Brandi’s Journey

Brandi’s family played a pivotal role in her weight loss journey. From her childhood days in Georgia to the beauty pageants and her challenges with weight, her parents’ support was a constant.

  • Connection with Parents: Shared a love for food, which played a role in her initial weight gain.
  • Supportive Family: The Mallorys were a bedrock of support, helping her navigate the pressures of public life.

Despite the struggles with pageant life and weight, Brandi’s determination to change for a healthier future drove her to remarkable success on “Extreme Weight Loss,” where she lost an impressive 151 pounds.

Brandi Mallory’s Private World

Brandi Mallory Wikipedia: She was an Atlanta reality TV star and dancer. (Source: WSB TV)

While Brandi Mallory’s public persona is vibrant and open, she keeps her family life private, a common practice among celebrities to safeguard their loved ones’ privacy.

AspectBrandi’s Approach
Social Media SharingOffers glimpses into her professional life and passions
Family PrivacyChooses to keep details about her family life out of the public eye

Her social media platforms reflect her cheerful and dedicated nature, while also showcasing her respect for personal boundaries.


Brandi Mallory’s story on “Extreme Weight Loss” has been an inspiration, proving that with determination and support, transformation is possible. As she continues to share her passion for makeup artistry and dance, Brandi Mallory remains a relatable and respected figure for those looking to make a change in their lives.