Butch Mitchell: Honoring a Soap Box Derby Legend

The International Soap Box Derby community mourns the loss of Butch Mitchell, an iconic volunteer whose passion for derby racing left a profound legacy.

Butch Mitchell’s Dedication to Derby Racing

A Lifelong Passion

Born on April 14th, 1941, Butch’s involvement with the Soap Box Derby began in the 1950s, marking a lifelong commitment to the sport he loved.

Key Milestones

Date of BirthInitial Derby InvolvementNotable Roles
April 14, 19411950sVolunteer, Racer, Mentor

Impact and Contributions

Butch’s tireless work behind the scenes helped shape the Soap Box Derby, fostering a thriving community for young racers.

Contributions to the Derby

  • Volunteer Work: Integral to the organization’s success.
  • Legacy: Butch’s influence will be remembered through the values he championed.

A Mentor on and off the Track

Butch was much more than a volunteer; he was a source of guidance and inspiration, deeply invested in the personal growth of participants.

Mentorship and Friendship

His role transcended the race track, as he became a mentor and friend to many, imparting lessons that went beyond racing.

Values Instilled

  • Sportsmanship: Taught the importance of fair play.
  • Perseverance: Encouraged overcoming challenges.
  • Teamwork: Fostered a spirit of cooperation among racers.

The Mitchell Racing Legacy

Butch’s pride was evident when his daughter, Candy, embraced the Soap Box Derby, carrying forward the family tradition with her father’s support.

A Family Affair in Racing

Together, they shared triumphs and challenges, exemplifying the strong familial bond forged through derby racing.

Shared Achievements

1985Candy’s Derby Racing CommencementContinuation of Legacy
1988All-American World ChampionshipsCandy’s Participation

Remembering Butch Mitchell

As we grieve Butch’s passing, we also celebrate his remarkable journey and the indelible impact he made on the Soap Box Derby world.

A Legacy of Kindness and Strength

Butch’s kindness and support were hallmarks of his character, earning him the love and respect of the derby community.

Enduring Influence

  • Community Loss: Butch’s absence is profoundly felt.
  • Inspiration for Future Generations: His spirit continues to guide new racers and volunteers.

In Conclusion: A Life Well-Raced

Butch Mitchell’s story is a cherished chapter in the history of the Soap Box Derby, inspiring us to carry on the traditions he held dear.

A Final Salute to a Derby Hero

  • Farewell to a Legend: We honor the memory of a man who was the heartbeat of our community.
  • Continuing the Race: Butch’s legacy will steer us forward as we continue to celebrate the sport he so passionately nurtured.