Cassandra Diane Aka Obituary, Community Church of Morrisania Member Has Died

The Community Church of Morrisania mourns the loss of Cassandra Diane Aka, a long-standing and beloved member, who passed away recently. Her dedication and service to the church as its Historian and Board Secretary have left an indelible mark on the congregation and community.


NameCassandra Diane Aka
Roles in ChurchChurch Historian, Board Secretary
ContributionLifetime service, preservation of church history, administrative support
PersonalityEmbodiment of love, kindness, compassion
LegacyLasting impact on The Community Church of Morrisania and its members

Mrs. Aka’s Service to the Church

Cassandra Diane Aka served The Community Church of Morrisania with dedication, preserving the rich history of the church as its historian and contributing significantly to its administrative functions as the Board Secretary.

A Sister in Christ

Beyond her official roles, Mrs. Aka was known for her embodiment of Christian values. Her warmth, kindness, and compassion made her a beloved figure within the church community, touching the lives of all those she interacted with.

Remembering Her Legacy

As we mourn her passing, we also celebrate the profound impact Mrs. Aka had on our church and community. Her commitment to faith and service serves as an inspiration to all.

Cassandra Diane Aka: A Pillar of Faith and Love

Cassandra Diane Aka’s life at The Community Church of Morrisania was a testament to her deep faith, love, and commitment to serving others.

Impact Beyond Roles

Mrs. Aka’s contributions extended beyond her roles as Church Historian and Board Secretary. Her influence as a Sister in Christ was marked by a deep sense of care and compassion for her church family.

The Church’s Tribute

The church community is coming together to honor Mrs. Aka’s memory. Her life and service are being celebrated through various tributes and remembrances, reflecting the deep respect and love she garnered.

Support for the Family

During this difficult time, our prayers and thoughts are with Mrs. Aka’s family. The church extends its deepest condolences and stands ready to provide support and comfort to her loved ones.


In conclusion, the life of Cassandra Diane Aka was a beacon of love, faith, and dedication. Her passing leaves a void in The Community Church of Morrisania, but her legacy will continue to inspire and guide the congregation. We remember her as a true servant of God, whose life exemplified the virtues of kindness, compassion, and commitment to community.