Charlene Sarra: A Heartwarming Waffle Fundraiser in Remembrance

In a touching gesture of support for Charlene Sarra’s grieving family, a compassionate friend has initiated a heartwarming fundraiser. The sudden loss of Charlene’s mother has not only left an emotional void but has also imposed an unexpected financial burden on the family, especially as they face funeral expenses during the upcoming holiday season.

Here’s a summary table for your reference:

PurposeFundraiser for Charlene Sarra’s family
Fundraiser TypeHeartwarming Waffle Event
PrizesCozy blanket, handmade lanyard and earring set, star quilt, ribbon skirt
Ticket Pricing$10 for one ticket, $25 for three tickets
Fundraiser DurationUntil December 15, 2023
Donation PlatformsCashapp, Venmo, Facebook Pay

A Waffle Event with Heart

The waffle event isn’t merely a fundraiser; it stands as a symbol of remembrance and solidarity. Participants have the opportunity to win meaningful prizes, each crafted with care and dedication. The prizes include a cozy blanket, a lanyard and earring set lovingly made by the organizer, a beautiful star quilt (pictures to be revealed soon), and a ribbon skirt, also handcrafted by the organizer.

How to Participate

To take part in this heartfelt endeavor, individuals can contribute to the fundraiser by purchasing tickets. A $10 donation grants one ticket, while a $25 contribution earns three tickets, increasing the chances of winning one of the thoughtfully crafted prizes.

Spreading Love and Generosity

The waffle event is scheduled to conclude on December 15, 2023, providing a period of reflection and generosity during the holiday season. Contributions can be made through various platforms, including Cashapp, Venmo, and Facebook Pay.

Your support in this initiative extends beyond monetary contributions; it signifies a gesture of kindness and empathy during a difficult time. The family will undoubtedly cherish the outpouring of love and assistance from friends and well-wishers, offering them comfort and a reminder that they are not alone in their grief.

In advance, we thank you for your generosity and compassion.