Charles Burke Obituary: A Tribute to a Respected CPA and Founding Partner

With great sadness, we announce the passing of Charles R. Burke, CPA, a revered and integral part of Burke, Montague & Associates, LLC. Chuck’s peaceful departure on November 26, 2023, in Bradley, IL, leaves a legacy of professionalism and genuine care that greatly shaped our firm and its values.

Summary Table

Full NameCharles R. Burke, CPA
Date of PassingNovember 26, 2023
RoleFounding Partner of Burke, Montague & Associates, LLC
ContributionsVisionary leadership, ethical standards, client service
LegacyDedication, community involvement, philanthropy

A Pillar of Professional Excellence

Chuck was not just a founding partner of our firm; he was a guiding light. His commitment to excellence and ethical standards in accounting set a high bar for all who worked with him. His expertise, coupled with a genuine approachability, made him a beloved figure both within our firm and among clients.

Leadership and Passion

Throughout his career, Chuck’s leadership was driven by a passion for his work and a commitment to our clients’ success. His strategic insights and understanding of the financial landscape made him an invaluable asset to our team and clients.

Beyond Professional Achievements

Chuck’s warmth and kindness extended beyond professional realms. He was deeply involved in the community and dedicated to philanthropy, reflecting his belief in giving back. His generous spirit profoundly impacted those around him.

Remembering Chuck

As we mourn Chuck’s passing, our thoughts are with his family, recognizing the deep loss they are experiencing. We celebrate the memories and legacy he leaves behind—a legacy that will continue to inspire and guide us.

Honoring His Memory

In the coming days, details of Chuck’s memorial services will be shared. We thank everyone for their condolences and support during this difficult time. Let us come together to honor the memory of Charles R. Burke, a man whose influence will be felt for years to come.