Charles Coleman Jr. Wikipedia and Age: How Old is the Strategist?

Charles Coleman Jr Wikipedia age details

Charles Coleman Jr. epitomizes the role of a civil rights attorney and strategist, renowned for his profound command of EEO law and dedication to human capital solutions. As the visionary Founder and President of EDGE Movement NYC, he stands as a beacon of social justice and equality, impacting lives and shaping futures.

About Charles Coleman Jr.

ProfessionCivil Rights Attorney, Strategist
NotabilityExpert in EEO Law, HR, Human Capital Solutions
OrganizationsFounder & President of EDGE Movement NYC

Who is Charles Coleman Jr.?

Charles Coleman Jr. is a celebrated American legal figure and strategist whose work has been instrumental in propelling civil rights and advocacy to the forefront. His career reflects a relentless pursuit of justice and empowerment for marginalized groups.

Legal Prowess and Strategic Influence

Coleman’s legal acumen in EEO law is a testament to his commitment to ensuring equality in the workplace. His strategic interventions in human resources and human capital have sculpted a more inclusive professional environment, advocating for diversity and equity.

Commitment to Civil Rights

Leading the charge with EDGE Movement NYC, Coleman’s initiatives underscore his unwavering dedication to social justice. Although specifics about EDGE Movement NYC are not detailed, its alignment with Coleman’s ethos is clear, furthering civil rights and advocacy.

Charles Coleman Jr.’s Age and Journey

Charles Coleman Jr.’s age is a curious aspect of his biography. Sources approximate his age to be in the early forties, reflecting a rich career seasoned with legal and strategic milestones.

Influence and Advocacy

At approximately 42, Coleman’s influence in civil rights law and strategy is marked by innovative legal solutions and advocacy for equitable rights. His passionate pursuit of justice is a hallmark of his career.

Dedication to Social Justice

Coleman’s strategic legal endeavors and advocacy work have not only highlighted his expertise but also his dedication to social justice. This commitment is a driving force behind his continued impact in the legal realm.

Legacy and Inspiration

Although Coleman’s birth date is not specifically known, his reputed age of 42 signifies a career steeped in respect and recognition. His legacy in civil rights advocacy continues to inspire future generations in the pursuit of justice and equality.

Update on Charles Coleman Jr.

DateNovember 8, 2023
FocusCivil Rights, Legal Strategy, Advocacy

Charles Coleman Jr.’s Impact

Coleman’s journey is a testament to the significant strides he has made in the civil rights sector. His strategies have advanced the cause of social justice, making him a respected thought leader in the field.

His Unwavering Commitment

Coleman’s efforts resonate with passion and a steadfast commitment to addressing systemic inequalities, earning him a place as a distinguished advocate and strategist in civil rights law.

His Enduring Legacy

As he approaches his mid-forties, Charles Coleman Jr.’s legacy is firmly established. His influential work as a legal strategist and advocate continues to shape the discourse on civil rights and social justice.


Charles Coleman Jr. stands as a paragon of civil rights advocacy and legal strategy. His significant contributions to EEO law and human capital solutions have fostered a more equitable society. His life’s work, emblematic of passion and dedication, leaves an enduring legacy in the pursuit of a just and fair world.

In the scope of American civil rights and advocacy, Charles Coleman Jr. is not just a name, but a force of change and progress. At an estimated age of 42, his enduring influence as a strategist and advocate for justice propels the movement toward a more equitable society.