Clive Burgev Obituary, Montmorency Football Netball Club Former Premiership Player Has Died

The Montmorency Football Netball Club is in mourning over the loss of Clive Burge, affectionately known as “Burgey.” His passing leaves a significant void in the hearts of his teammates, club members, and the broader community. This tribute celebrates Clive’s enduring contributions to the club and his lasting impact on all who knew him.


NameClive “Burgey” Burge
RoleFormer Premiership Player, Montmorency Football Netball Club
ContributionKey player in the club’s 1976 Premiership win
PersonalityBeloved figure known for his camaraderie and vibrant spirit
LegacyLasting impact on the Montmorency Football Netball Club and its members

A Talented Full Forward

Clive Burge’s role as a full forward in the club’s 1976 Premiership team was instrumental. His skills on the field, particularly in leading, marking, and goal conversion, made him an invaluable member of the team. His performances were not only crucial to the club’s success but also served as an inspiration to aspiring players.

From Junior to Premiership Player

Beginning his journey at the junior level, Clive’s progression to a key player in the senior team was a testament to his talent and the club’s commitment to nurturing local players. His rise through the ranks symbolizes the potential within the club’s junior system.

The Heart and Soul of the Club

Clive’s personality extended far beyond his athletic prowess. Known for his humor and ability to uplift those around him, he was a beloved figure both on and off the field. His impact on the club culture was profound, embodying the spirit of camaraderie that is central to the Montmorency Football Netball Club.

Clive Burgev: A Montmorency Football Netball Club Icon

The life and career of Clive “Burgey” Burge at the Montmorency Football Netball Club are a powerful narrative of sporting excellence and community influence.

Clive’s Lasting Legacy in Sports

Clive Burge’s contribution to the Montmorency Football Netball Club went beyond his achievements on the field. His legacy as a skilled player and a mentor to younger athletes continues to resonate within the club.

The Community’s Tribute

In memory of Clive, the Montmorency community is uniting to pay tribute to a man who was much more than a football player. His life is being celebrated through stories, memorials, and acts of kindness, reflecting the deep admiration and respect he commanded.

Facing Health Challenges

In recent years, Clive’s health challenges brought into sharp focus the fragility of life and the importance of community support. His journey through these challenges highlighted the strength and unity of the Montmorency Football Netball Club.

The Montmorency Club’s Resilience

As the club grapples with Clive’s loss, it stands as a symbol of resilience, upholding the values that Clive represented. His spirit continues to inspire the current and future generations at the club.


In conclusion, Clive “Burgey” Burge’s passing marks the end of an era for the Montmorency Football Netball Club. However, his legacy as a talented player, a mentor, and a beloved community figure will continue to inspire and guide. Clive’s life story is a testament to the profound impact an individual can have on a sporting community.