Corey Goodman Obituary: A Heartfelt Tribute to a Bedford, NH, Resident

Corey John Goodman, a young man of 26 years from Bedford, New Hampshire, passed away on November 21, 2023, after a valiant fight against cancer. Corey’s journey, though brief, was marked by profound impact and unwavering compassion towards those around him. This article serves as a heartfelt tribute to Corey’s life, celebrating his spirit and the indelible mark he left on the lives of many.

Summary Table

Full NameCorey John Goodman
Age at Passing26 years
Date of PassingNovember 21, 2023
Cause of DeathCancer
ResidenceBedford, New Hampshire
ParentsDennis Goodman and Debbie Bobetsky (Goffstown, NH)
SiblingBrother Zach Goodman
Significant RelationsAunts, Uncles in Massachusetts and Colorado, Numerous Friends

Corey’s Life and Legacy

Corey Goodman’s life, though cut short by cancer, was filled with moments that showcased his generous spirit and deep love for those around him. His priority was always the happiness of others, and he went above and beyond to ensure that those he cared about felt loved and supported.

Passion for Sports and Friendship

A lifetime fan of the Yankees, the Colts, and later the Broncos, Corey’s love for sports was paralleled only by his love for his friends. He cherished the competition and camaraderie that sports brought into his life, creating unbreakable bonds with those he called friends.

Family: Corey’s Cornerstone

Corey’s family was the central pillar of his life. His parents, Dennis Goodman and Debbie Bobetsky, and his brother Zach, all from Goffstown, New Hampshire, were his unwavering support system. The profound concern and love he had for his family were the defining aspects of his character.

The Unthinkable Loss

The void left by Corey’s passing extends beyond his immediate family. His absence is profoundly felt by his aunts, uncles, and numerous friends in Massachusetts, Colorado, and beyond. Corey’s life, though marked by personal loss including the passing of his birth mother, Natasha, and younger sister, Anna, from Ukraine, was a testament to resilience and the capacity to spread joy amidst adversity.

Remembering Corey Goodman

As we reflect on Corey Goodman’s life, we are reminded of the fragility of existence and the power of kindness. Corey’s story is one of courage, love, and the enduring impact one can have on the lives of others. His memory continues to inspire and influence everyone who knew him, serving as a beacon of hope and compassion.