The Enigmatic Tale of the Crockett Liberty Tree: A Forgotten Symbol Rediscovered

what happened to the crockett liberty tree

In a remarkable twist of fate, the Crockett Liberty Tree, a significant pecan tree planted in 1976 during the bicentennial celebrations, has been rediscovered in Davy Crockett Memorial Park. This tree, once a proud symbol of Houston County’s heritage, had faded into obscurity until its recent unearthing. The Houston County Historical Commission (HCHC) is spearheading efforts to solve this riddle and restore the tree’s historical significance.

Quick Summary Table

TopicThe Mystery of the Crockett Liberty Tree
SignificanceA forgotten historical symbol in Houston County
Recent DiscoveryUnearthing of the tree’s commemorative plaque
Planned ActionReplanting a new Tejas Pecan tree in its original location
Community InvolvementSeeking information and support for replanting efforts
Historical BackgroundPart of Houston County’s Bicentennial Celebration in 1976

Accidental Discovery: A Plaque Reveals History

The tree’s existence resurfaced when city workers in Crockett stumbled upon a buried metal plaque, inscribed with details of the tree’s dedication by the Houston County Crockett Bicentennial Committee. This surprising find has sparked interest and intrigue about the tree’s mysterious disappearance and its sudden reemergence after nearly five decades.

Delving into the Past: The Bicentennial Celebration

Commemorating a Milestone in American History

The Bicentennial Celebration in 1976 was a landmark event in Houston County, marking 200 years since the Declaration of Independence. This grand occasion was marked by the planting of the Tejas Pecan tree, symbolizing the enduring spirit of liberty and independence.

The Pivotal Dedication Ceremony

The ceremony, led by notable figures such as Houston County Judge J. B. Lively and Kennard Mayor Roscoe English, along with other community members, was a momentous event. However, over time, the memory of this ceremony and the significance of the Liberty Tree waned, leading to its eventual obscurity.

The Mystery Deepens: What Happened to the Crockett Liberty Tree?

A Forgotten Piece of History

The fate of the Crockett Liberty Tree remained unknown for years, posing questions about its disappearance and the unnoticed fall of its commemorative plaque. The HCHC, with Wanda Jordan’s efforts, is determined to revive the tree’s legacy and reintroduce it to the community.

A New Beginning: Replanting Efforts

In a bid to rekindle the memory of the original Liberty Tree, a new 12-foot Tejas Pecan tree has been procured. Plans are in place to replant this tree in Davy Crockett Memorial Park, near its original site, as a tribute to the bicentennial celebration and the values of liberty it represented.

Community Engagement: Your Role in Preserving History

Seeking Insights and Support

The HCHC and The Messenger are reaching out to the community for any information regarding the original tree and its dedication. Contributions and suggestions for the replanting event, as well as assistance in the transportation and planting of the new tree, are welcomed.

A Call to Action

This project not only aims to solve a historical mystery but also to engage the community in preserving and honoring their shared heritage. Your involvement can help ensure that the legacy of the Houston County Liberty Tree continues to inspire future generations.

Unanswered Questions: Solving the Puzzle

The Enduring Enigma

Despite efforts, the reasons behind the tree’s disappearance and the unnoticed fall of its plaque remain a puzzle. Understanding what happened to the original Liberty Tree is crucial in piecing together this chapter of Houston County’s history.

Gathering Pieces of the Past

To unravel this mystery, the HCHC and The Messenger encourage community members to share any memories, stories, or historical insights they might have about the Liberty Tree. Every piece of information brings us closer to understanding the full story.


The story of the Crockett Liberty Tree is a testament to the importance of remembering and preserving our historical landmarks. It reminds us of the values of liberty and independence that are foundational to our nation. As the community comes together to replant the Tejas Pecan tree, we not only honor the past but also strengthen our connections to the heritage that shapes our future. Your participation in this endeavor is invaluable in ensuring that this piece of Houston County’s history is not lost to time.