Dave Perrin Obituary, Chittenden County Historical Society Member Has Died

The Chittenden County Historical Society mourns the loss of Dave Perrin, a distinguished member whose passion for Vermont’s history greatly contributed to the preservation and understanding of its cultural heritage. A renowned expert on 18th and 19th-century Vermont silversmiths, Perrin’s work followed in the footsteps of society founder Lilian Baker Carlisle, enriching our knowledge of Vermont’s unique history.

Summary Table

NameDave Perrin
RoleMember of Chittenden County Historical Society
Expertise18th and 19th-century Vermont Silversmiths
ContributionExtensive historical research and preservation
InspirationFollowed in the footsteps of Lilian Baker Carlisle
Community ImpactEducated and engaged the public through outreach and lectures
LegacyLeft a lasting impact on the understanding of Vermont’s cultural heritage

Dave Perrin’s Journey and Contributions

Dave Perrin’s association with the Chittenden County Historical Society was marked by dedication and an insatiable curiosity about Vermont’s past. His focus on silversmithing during the 18th and 19th centuries positioned him as a key figure within the society. Perrin’s meticulous research into historical records brought to light invaluable insights about Vermont’s silversmiths, contributing significantly to the field.

Building Upon Lilian Baker Carlisle’s Legacy

Perrin’s work continued the legacy of Lilian Baker Carlisle, the society’s founder, who pioneered research in the same area. His efforts not only expanded upon Carlisle’s foundational work but also illuminated the contributions of lesser-known artisans, thus enriching our understanding of Vermont’s historical narrative.

Outreach and Educational Efforts

Beyond research, Perrin was actively involved in the society’s outreach and educational initiatives. His lectures and presentations, known for their engaging and informative nature, played a vital role in bringing Vermont’s history closer to the community, fostering a deeper appreciation for its cultural heritage.

Legacy and Impact on the Society

Dave Perrin’s passing leaves a notable gap in the Chittenden County Historical Society. His unwavering dedication to historical preservation and research has established a lasting legacy. The society is committed to continuing his work, ensuring that the rich tapestry of Vermont’s history remains accessible and vibrant for future generations.


As we honor the memory of Dave Perrin, we recognize the profound impact he had on preserving and promoting Vermont’s historical legacy. His contributions to the Chittenden County Historical Society and his passion for history will continue to inspire and guide us in our ongoing quest to uncover and share the stories of Vermont’s past.