Dianne Maywald Obituary, A Woman Of Strength And Love

On the 9th of November 2023, Dianne Maywald’s journey of strength and love came to a peaceful close. At 68, she was a beacon of unwavering resilience, cherished by her husband Brenton, children, and grandchildren.

Celebrating Dianne Maywald’s Life

Dianne’s life was a vibrant quilt of love, with each patch representing her roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother.

A Family’s Foundation

Dianne was the beloved wife of Brenton, whose companionship and love formed the bedrock of their family.

  • Children: Adam and Karmel, Jess and Tim, Brodie and Erin
  • Grandchildren: Layla, Maggie, Darcy, Harper, and Kash

Each grandchild was a precious thread in the fabric of her life, each bond strong and unique.

A Legacy of Love

Despite the loss of her daughter Nicole and grandson Jacob, Dianne’s heart remained a wellspring of love and warmth.

LoveA force that Dianne radiated endlessly
StrengthDemonstrated through her long and brave battle
Familial DevotionHer commitment to family shone through every act

Her memory is an eternal flame in the hearts of her loved ones, her love story a guidepost for facing life’s challenges.

Dianne’s Enduring Impact

Dianne Maywald’s life was a testament to the enduring power of love, her memory a beacon of inspiration.

  • Grace in Adversity: Faced life’s trials with a grace that touched all.
  • Inspiration: Her life story continues to motivate and uplift.

As we gather to bid her farewell, we do so with heavy hearts filled with gratitude for the privilege of her presence in our lives.

Farewell to a Matriarch

As we say goodbye to Dianne Maywald, we celebrate her life and the indelible legacy she leaves behind.

  • Honoring Memories: A celebration of a life filled with grace and love.
  • Continued Inspiration: Dianne’s spirit continues to guide and influence.

Her story is not one of an end, but a continuing narrative of love’s power to overcome and endure.


Dianne Maywald was more than just a name; she was a woman whose strength and love knew no bounds. Her legacy lives on in the fabric of her family, and in the memories of all who knew her. As we remember Dianne, we commit to holding her love as a torch that lights our way forward. May her soul rest in peace, and her memory forever be a source of comfort and strength.