Update on Dom DiSandro Video: Details of the Incident

The recent Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers game witnessed an unexpected turn of events involving Eagles’ Chief of Security, Dom DiSandro, and 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. This incident, now widely known as the “Dom DiSandro Video,” has sparked significant interest and controversy.

Introduction to the Incident

During the highly anticipated match at Lincoln Financial Field, a confrontation between Dom DiSandro and Dre Greenlaw led to their ejection from the game. This altercation not only affected the dynamics of the match but also became a focal point of discussion among fans and media.

Summary of Key Points

Main FiguresDom DiSandro, Dre Greenlaw
LocationLincoln Financial Field
EventPhiladelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers game
Incident OutcomeEjection of DiSandro and Greenlaw
Public ReactionMixed, with significant online discussion

Who is Dom DiSandro?

Dom DiSandro, serving as the senior advisor to the general manager and chief security officer for the Eagles, has been with the team since 1999. His role includes ensuring the safety and security of players, coaches, and management, as well as handling off-field matters and maintaining player morale.

Incident Details: “Dom DiSandro Video”

The confrontation leading to the ejection of DiSandro and Greenlaw unfolded when Greenlaw placed her hand on DiSandro’s face. This action, along with DiSandro’s intervention in a separate on-field issue, escalated the situation, ultimately resulting in their removal from the game.

Understanding the Ejection

NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating, Walt Anderson, provided insight into the ejections. He explained that the interaction between a staff member (DiSandro) and a player (Greenlaw) led to the disqualification of both under Rule 19, which allows for video review in such situations.

Responses and Consequences: “Dom DiSandro Video”

Post-incident, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan expressed his astonishment and raised questions about the involvement of non-players in such altercations. NFL official Walt Anderson clarified the reasons for Greenlaw’s disqualification, emphasizing the role of the contact with a non-player in the decision.

Reactions Post-Incident

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni addressed the incident, focusing on the team’s resilience and forward-looking approach. Fan reactions were varied, with some supporting the authorities’ decision and others questioning the severity of the sanctions.

Detailed Examination of the Incident

The “Dom DiSandro Video” incident has not only highlighted the challenges faced by on-field security personnel but also underscored the importance of maintaining professionalism and composure during high-stakes games.

DiSandro’s Impact on the Eagles

DiSandro’s long-standing commitment to the Eagles’ organization and his role in ensuring player safety and morale have been pivotal. His presence is well-regarded among fans and players alike, as evidenced by the standing ovation he received following the incident.

The Role of Social Media

Social media platforms played a significant role in spreading awareness and generating discussions about the incident. Former players and fans used these platforms to express their admiration for DiSandro and discuss the implications of the incident.

The Aftermath and Looking Forward

As the NFL reviews the incident for potential sanctions, the Eagles community remains focused on supporting charitable initiatives, including the Dom DiSandro product line benefiting the Eagles Autism Foundation. This positive outcome amidst the controversy highlights the community’s ability to rally around a good cause.


The “Dom DiSandro video” incident during the Eagles vs. 49ers game has added an unexpected layer of drama to the world of football. It has sparked discussions about the roles and boundaries of on-field personnel, the challenges of maintaining order during intense games, and the importance of community support in the face of adversity. As the NFL deliberates on the incident, the Eagles community continues to demonstrate resilience and a commitment to positive impacts, especially in the realm of charitable contributions.