Donna Mongiove Obituary, Death – Funeral & Visitation

The AppChurch Family is enveloped in sorrow following the unexpected loss of Donna Mongiove. Donna, a pivotal figure within the community, was revered for her kindness, faith, and generosity. Her untimely departure has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew her. This article delves into Donna’s life, her role in the AppChurch, and the profound impact of her passing on her family and the community.

Summary Table

NameDonna Mongiove
Community RoleBeloved member of AppChurch
Key AttributesKindness, compassion, active faith
FamilySurvived by Pastor Dominick and sisters
LegacyKnown for her infectious smile, compassionate spirit, and active church involvement
Community ImpactLeft a lasting impression on the congregation through her actions and care
MourningThe community is united in grief, reflecting on her life and legacy

Donna’s Role in the AppChurch

Donna Mongiove was not just a member but a cornerstone of the AppChurch Family. Her role transcended typical participation; she was a beacon of faith and a symbol of unyielding support. Donna’s engagement in church activities, combined with her natural ability to uplift and assist others, showcased her dedication to the principles of community and fellowship.

Family and Personal Impact

The loss of Donna is particularly poignant for Pastor Dominick and his sisters. As they grapple with the absence of their mother, the congregation stands with them, offering comfort and support. Donna’s maternal influence extended beyond her biological family, touching the lives of many in the congregation, making her a maternal figure to the broader community.

Legacy and Communal Response

In the wake of Donna Mongiove’s passing, the AppChurch Family is called upon to honor her legacy. This includes emulating her kindness, generosity, and commitment to faith and love. The communal support and shared grief are powerful reminders of the resilience that faith brings. The community finds strength in unity and solace in shared memories.


As the AppChurch Family gathers to bid farewell to Donna Mongiove, it’s a moment to celebrate a life dedicated to service, love, and faith. Donna’s spirit endures in the hearts of those who knew her, serving as an eternal beacon of love and guidance. The AppChurch Family, united in grief, finds comfort in the legacy left by Donna Mongiove, ensuring that her memory continues to inspire future generations.