Emily Longley’s Parents: Father Mark Longley And Mother Caroline Longley


The tragic story of Emily Longley, a young aspiring model whose life was cut short in 2011, resonates deeply with the poignant journey of her parents, Mark and Caroline Longley. Through their immense grief, they have become symbols of strength and advocacy against domestic violence. This article explores their transformation from bereaved parents to champions of a crucial social cause.

The Tragic Loss of Emily Longley

Emily Longley’s untimely death at the hands of her then-boyfriend Elliot Turner in Bournemouth, England, sent shockwaves through her family. Her parents, Mark, a journalist, and Caroline, a teacher, faced the unthinkable: the loss of their 17-year-old daughter in a senseless act of violence. Turner, 20 at the time, was convicted of murder and perverting the course of justice, receiving a life sentence with a minimum of 16 years.

The Involvement of Turner’s Parents

Adding to the complexity of the case, Turner’s parents, Leigh and Anita, were found guilty of trying to cover up the crime. Their actions, which included attempting to conceal evidence, led to their imprisonment for 27 months each.

The Longleys’ Response to Tragedy

In the aftermath of Emily’s death, Mark and Caroline Longley faced their grief with remarkable fortitude. The couple, originally from Bournemouth but residing in New Zealand since Emily was ten, found themselves in the public eye, grappling with their personal loss while navigating the legal proceedings of the case.

Caroline Longley: A Voice Against Domestic Violence

Caroline Longley emerged as an outspoken advocate against domestic violence. Drawing from her personal tragedy, she offered support to other families experiencing similar losses, embodying resilience and compassion.

Mark Longley’s Journey: From Grief to Advocacy

Mark Longley’s path took a unique turn as he sought to understand and process his grief. He launched “The Death Podcast,” a series dedicated to open and honest conversations about loss, grief, and coping mechanisms. Mark’s podcast has become a valuable resource for many who struggle with discussing or dealing with the aftermath of losing a loved one.

Mark Longley’s ContributionsCaroline Longley’s Advocacy
Host of “The Death Podcast”Steadfast Advocate Against Domestic Violence
Journalist and Public SpeakerProvides Support to Affected Families
Shares Personal Experiences of GriefRaises Awareness on the Impacts of Violence

The Legacy of Emily Longley

Emily Longley’s life, though tragically short, continues to inspire change. Her parents have dedicated themselves to keeping her memory alive, not just as a victim of a heinous crime, but as a catalyst for positive change in society’s approach to domestic violence.


The story of Emily Longley and her parents is a profound reminder of the enduring impact of violence and the power of human resilience. Mark and Caroline Longley’s journey from devastating loss to impactful advocacy offers hope and inspiration to countless individuals facing similar challenges.