Giovanni Impellizzeri Arrested: Alleged Food Contamination at New Jersey School

Arrested teacher Giovanni Impellizzeri mugshot after food tampering accusation

Giovanni Impellizzeri, a janitor at Elizabeth Moore School in Upper Deerfield, NJ, has been arrested on charges involving the alleged contamination of food with harmful substances.

Key Details

  • Date of Incident: Arrested on a Tuesday; reported on the previous Monday
  • Method of Discovery: School authorities alerted by anonymous tips
  • Current Legal Status: Held at Cumberland County Jail; charges include aggravated assault and endangering welfare of children

Table: Charges and Allegations

Charge TypeDetails
Aggravated AssaultContaminating food products
Tampering with FoodUsing bleach and bodily fluids
Endangering ChildrenPotential health risk for students
Attempted MisconductMisconduct within school premises
Official MisconductViolation of school law and safety

School and Community Reaction

The Upper Deerfield School District has taken immediate action by placing Impellizzeri on administrative leave. The school has also undergone professional cleaning to ensure the safety of food preparation areas.

Health Impacts on Students

  • Authorities are testing samples to assess potential health risks.
  • Students who may have consumed affected food are being monitored.

About Giovanni Impellizzeri

Giovanni Impellizzeri was arrested for official misconduct and violating student safety. (Source: 6ABC)
  • Age: 25
  • Employment: Janitor at Elizabeth Moore School since September 2019
  • Charges: Include child endangerment and official misconduct

School’s Response to the Incident

Giovanni Impellizzeri’s action has called for outrage from the parents of Elizabeth Moore School students. (Source: The Mirror)
  • Professional cleaning of the affected areas has been completed.
  • Discarded any suspected contaminated food items.
  • Calls for the superintendent’s resignation have emerged due to the incident.


The arrest of Giovanni Impellizzeri has brought to light serious safety concerns within the Elizabeth Moore School. The school district, in collaboration with health authorities, is taking steps to ensure the wellbeing of its students and regain the trust of the community.