Grant Hargate Obituary: Celebrating an Inspirational Art Professor at Lindenwood University

The Lindenwood University community deeply mourns the passing of Grant Hargate, an esteemed and award-winning art professor. His remarkable 40-year career at Lindenwood was filled with moments of creativity, commitment, and collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on students and colleagues alike.

Summary Table

Full NameGrant Hargate
PositionArt Professor at Lindenwood University
Years of Service40 years
Teaching PhilosophyEmpowering students to find answers within
ImpactInfluential mentor and friend
ContributionsShaping Lindenwood’s culture of inclusivity
LegacyInspiring generations of artists and educators

Grant Hargate’s Four Decades at Lindenwood

Grant Hargate’s journey at Lindenwood began four decades ago, where he became an integral part of the university’s essence. Known for his infectious humor and passion for art, Grant was more than a professor; he was a mentor, a guide, and a friend. His advising philosophy, “Teach students that I do not have all the answers, a good deal of which can be found in the students themselves,” reflects his approach to empowering students.

A Legacy Beyond the Classroom

Grant’s classrooms were vibrant spaces of artistic expression. He encouraged students to challenge norms and embrace self-discovery. His role extended beyond academics, contributing significantly to Lindenwood’s culture of inclusivity and camaraderie.

Honoring His Contributions and Impact

Throughout his career, Grant received numerous awards for his contributions to art education. More importantly, his influence lies in the lives he touched and the artistic journeys he shaped. His teachings transcended art, resonating in various aspects of life.

Reflecting on Grant Hargate’s Influence

As we remember Grant Hargate, we celebrate his dedication to knowledge, support for student-driven learning, and his joyous approach to teaching. His legacy continues to inspire at Lindenwood University, reflected in the students he mentored, the colleagues he worked with, and the community he helped shape.


Grant Hargate’s life story is a beacon of inspiration for all who knew him. His contributions to art education at Lindenwood University will continue to illuminate the paths of future artists and educators. His memory endures as a source of inspiration and guidance for the Lindenwood community and beyond.