Harry Fry and Ciara O’Connor: A Union in Horse Racing Excellence

Horse Racing: Who Is Harry Fry’s Wife Ciara O’Connor? Children and family

In the thrilling world of British National Hunt racing, Harry Fry is a household name, celebrated for his success and training prowess. Yet, it’s his partnership with wife Ciara O’Connor that adds a personal touch to his professional saga.

The Partnership of Harry and Ciara

Ciara O’Connor, wife to Harry Fry, is not just his companion in life but also an integral part of his thriving horse racing career. Her role extends far beyond that of a spouse, as she contributes significantly to the Fry racing legacy.

Ciara O’Connor: From Passion to Profession

Ciara, hailing from County Limerick, Ireland, embarked on her equestrian journey from a young age. Her path led her to be an essential part of Harry Fry Racing, marrying her passion for horses with her professional endeavors.

Key Roles and Contributions

Role in Harry Fry RacingContribution to the Yard
Assistant TrainerOversees daily yard management and horse welfare
Morning RiderCollaborates on racing strategy and execution
Host to OwnersRepresents the yard on race days

The Fry Family: Life Beyond the Racetrack

Harry and Ciara’s relationship, rooted in their shared love for horses, bloomed into marriage and a family. They balance their demanding careers with raising their daughters, Ruby and Eiran, nurturing a family with strong ties to horse racing.

Unforgettable Moments

The Fry’s wedding day was marked by an unexpected event when a fire broke out nearby, delaying their ceremony. This moment, while dramatic, highlighted their ability to face challenges together.


Harry Fry and Ciara O’Connor embody a partnership where love, family, and horse racing intertwine. Their story is a testament to their shared dedication to the sport and each other, making them a formidable team in British National Hunt racing.

The Fry family’s journey is a remarkable narrative of love, partnership, and equestrian passion, marking their names in both family and horse racing history.