How to Catch Wumpo, Maraith, and Felbat Location

Wumpo, Maraith, and Felbat Location & How to Catch Them

The Pristine Snowfields in Palworld’s northern expanse are home to three exceptional Pals: Wumpo, Maraith, and Felbat. As you journey through the game, you’ll likely explore this area later on.

These three Pals are valuable additions to your party, especially in the endgame. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover their precise locations in the Pristine Snowfields, detail how to capture them, and shed light on their unique capabilities.

Table of Contents

  1. Wumpo
  2. Maraith
  3. Felbat
  4. Conclusion


Map Location: Northwest of Palworld’s map, within the Pristine Snowfields.

Catching Wumpo:

  • Wumpo is a large ice-type Pal with a distinctive blue and white fur.
  • It has a slow speed, making its attacks easy to dodge.
  • Weakness: Fire damage, so employing a fire-type Pal for the battle is advantageous.
  • Benefits: Increases your equipped load, allowing you to carry more items. Highly useful for transport and lumbering tasks.


Map Location: Roaming the Pristine Snowfields in the north.

Catching Maraith:

  • Maraith is a four-legged dark-type Pal.
  • Sneak behind it to deal substantial damage due to its vulnerability from the rear.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to dragon-based damage.
  • Benefits: A versatile mount for fast map traversal. Adds dark damage to your attacks when ridden, making it effective against neutral-type Pals.


Map Location: Also found in the Pristine Snowfields.

Catching Felbat:

  • Felbat is a unique Pal with a special skill that restores a portion of damage dealt by either Felbat or the player, a valuable life-stealing ability.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to dragon damage, as it is a dark-type Pal.
  • Additional Perk: Felbats possess level 3 medicine production, a bonus in extended battles.


Pristine Snowfields hold the key to discovering and capturing three remarkable Pals: Wumpo, Maraith, and Felbat. These Pals each bring unique advantages to your party, from increased load capacity to powerful combat capabilities and life-stealing abilities. Navigating the extreme cold of the snowfields requires cold-resistant armor, but the rewards of adding these Pals to your roster are well worth the effort. Venture north, seize these opportunities, and strengthen your Palworld journey.