Is Eric Richins’ Wife Curie Richins Still in Jail? Arrested and Accused of Murdering Her Husband

Is Eric Richins wife Curie Richins still in jail? Arrested and accused of murdering her husband

In the unsettling case of Eric Richins’ untimely death, his wife, Currie Richins, remains confined at Summit County Jail, Utah, facing serious accusations. This long-form article delves into the ongoing legal battle, the evidence presented, and the community’s shock at the charges against a children’s book author.

Currie Richins: Current Status

Currie Richins, the wife of the late Eric Richins, has been behind bars since her June arrest following Eric’s death in March 2022. The discovery of a lethal fentanyl dose in Eric’s autopsy sparked a complex legal confrontation, with Currie facing grave charges.

  • Charges: Fentanyl-related homicide, drug offenses
  • Legal Proceedings: Ongoing trial, pending plea
  • Additional Complications: Allegations of witness tampering

Timeline of Currie Richins’ Incarceration

Eric Richins’ DeathMarch 2022Found with fatal fentanyl dose
Currie Richins’ ArrestJune 2022Taken into custody; charged with murder and drug offenses
Trial ProceedingsOngoingAwaiting plea; potential bail considerations

The Arrest and Charges Explained

The circumstances surrounding Eric Richins’ death pointed to foul play when Currie reported her husband as unresponsive. Further investigation revealed a fentanyl dose five times higher than fatal, leading to Currie’s arrest on suspicion of murder.

  • Report to Authorities: Eric was “cold to the touch.”
  • Medical Findings: Fentanyl levels were five times the lethal dose.
  • Investigation: Triggered due to the drug’s notorious lethality.

Allegations of Premeditation

The prosecution’s case against Currie Richins is built on digital evidence and suspicious internet searches found on her phone, which include queries about fentanyl and life insurance policies. This evidence suggests a premeditation aspect to the crime.

  • Search History Concerns: Questions about fatal fentanyl doses and life insurance payouts.
  • Financial Motive?: Investigation into whether life insurance played a role.


Currie Richins’ ongoing jail stay at Summit County Jail and the charges of murdering her husband with fentanyl pose a stark reminder of the gravity of drug-related offenses. As the trial proceeds, the legal outcome will undoubtedly have profound implications for all parties involved.