James Lett Obituary, North Little Rock Police Detective Has Passed Away

James Lett Obituary, North Little Rock Police Detective Has Passed Away

The North Little Rock Police Department stands in solidarity with the Benton Police Department in mourning the loss of Detective James “Mike” Lett, a committed officer who served his community with honor.

A Tragic Loss for Law Enforcement

Detective Lett’s passing in a single-vehicle accident is a somber reminder of the risks our officers face daily. His death has deeply affected his colleagues and all those who uphold the law.

Remembering Detective Lett

Detective Lett’s service was characterized by bravery and a deep commitment to the safety of his community. His loss is felt by every member of the law enforcement family.

In Memoriam

DedicationDetective Lett served with unwavering commitment.
CourageHe faced the dangers of his duty with bravery.
InspirationHis work ethic and spirit remain a guide for fellow officers.

United in Grief

The North Little Rock Police Department expresses its deepest condolences to Detective Lett’s family, friends, and the Benton Police Department during this time of profound sorrow.

Expressions of Support

Lett’s FamilyOffering comfort in the wake of their immense loss.
Benton Police DeptStanding together in mourning a fallen comrade.

A Call for Community Solidarity

We invite the community to join us in honoring Detective Lett’s memory through support and remembrance.

Support Initiatives

Thoughts and PrayersA collective gesture of comfort and solidarity.
Community OutreachActs of kindness to support those grieving.

Farewell to a Guardian of Justice

Detective Lett’s life was a testament to the noble calling of law enforcement. As we pay tribute to his service, let his legacy inspire us to continue our commitment to justice and public safety with renewed dedication.

The North Little Rock Police Department salutes Detective James “Mike” Lett for his years of service and the profound impact he made. His memory will be honored as we carry forward the values he represented.