Janet Ellis Obituary: Tribute To A Creative Soul

We mourn the passing of Janet Ellis, a cherished sister and friend. Her funeral service is set for 4:15 pm on Wednesday, December 6th, at Rotherham Crematorium. This gathering is a chance for those who knew and loved Janet to come together, share memories, and say their final goodbyes. Craig, Janet’s sibling, welcomes all to join in this tribute to a life filled with creativity and warmth.

Summary Table

Full NameJanet Ellis
Date of FuneralDecember 6th, at 4:15 pm
Funeral LocationRotherham Crematorium
Post-Funeral GatheringThe Mester
Open InvitationExtended by Craig, Janet’s sibling
PurposeCelebrate Janet’s life and share memories

Celebrating Janet’s Life

Janet’s funeral service at Rotherham Crematorium is not just a farewell; it’s a celebration of the impact she had on those around her. The service is a chance for friends and family to reflect on the joy and creativity she brought into their lives.

Gathering in Remembrance

Following the funeral, the gathering at the Mester offers an opportunity for the community to support each other and share stories of Janet. This space provides comfort and unity, allowing those who knew her to remember her life and legacy.

An Open Invitation

Craig extends an open invitation to all who wish to join in commemorating Janet’s life. This gesture of inclusivity symbolizes the wide-reaching impact Janet had and the community’s desire to come together in her memory.

The Significance of Community Support

In these moments of remembrance, the strength drawn from unity and shared memories is invaluable. Janet’s life touched many, and this collective grieving process underscores the love and respect she garnered throughout her life.


Janet Ellis’s life was a tapestry of creativity and love. As we gather to remember her, we celebrate the profound impact she had on her family, friends, and community. Her memory will continue to inspire and bring people together, even in her absence.

Our deepest condolences go out to Janet’s family and friends during this time of loss. We invite all to join in this tribute to a remarkable individual whose spirit will continue to live on in the hearts of those she touched.