Jeffrey Reigle Obituary: Honoring a Visionary Leader in the Direct Selling Industry

The Regal Ware family and the broader business community are in mourning following the passing of Jeffrey (Jeff) Reigle on November 22, 2023. As a third-generation leader of the renowned company, Jeff’s departure marks the end of an era and leaves a significant void within Regal Ware and the direct selling industry.

Summary Table

Full NameJeffrey (Jeff) Reigle
Date of PassingNovember 22, 2023
PositionLeader at Regal Ware
ContributionSteered Regal Ware through dynamic industry changes
LegacyInnovation, quality, customer-centricity
ImpactPositive influence on employees and community

Jeff Reigle’s Legacy at Regal Ware

Jeff Reigle grew up in a family dedicated to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. As a descendant of founder J.O. Reigle, Jeff inherited a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit and values. At Regal Ware, he epitomized visionary leadership, steering the company through the ever-evolving landscape of the direct selling industry with strategic acumen and forward-thinking.

A Visionary Leader and Mentor

Jeff’s leadership was marked by a focus on innovation, quality, and customer-centricity. He wasn’t just a business leader but a mentor and guiding force within Regal Ware. His commitment to the well-being of his employees and the broader community was evident in his approach to corporate social responsibility.

Impact Beyond Business

Beyond the boardroom, Jeff Reigle’s influence was felt throughout the company and community. He fostered a familial atmosphere at Regal Ware, where employees felt valued and supported. His dedication to making a positive impact is a testament to his belief in giving back.

Remembering a Beloved Leader

Jeffrey Reigle’s passing is a profound loss, not only for Regal Ware but for the entire direct selling industry. However, his legacy of leadership, vision, and unwavering commitment will continue to illuminate the path for future endeavors. As we celebrate his life, we acknowledge the indelible mark he has left on Regal Ware and the countless lives he touched.


Jeffrey Reigle’s remarkable journey with Regal Ware leaves behind a legacy of excellence, dedication to customer satisfaction, and upholding values that define the company. His contributions to Regal Ware and the direct selling industry will resonate for years to come, shaping the future and inspiring others in the field.