Jonathan Morrissey Obituary, Beloved Resident Of Champaign, IL, Has Sadly Died – Death

Champaign, IL, bids farewell to one of its beloved residents, Jonathan Morrissey, who passed away peacefully on October 28, 2023, at the age of 51. Born on October 30, 1971, in Kansas City, Jonathan, affectionately known as John, lived a life filled with laughter, love, and meaningful connections.


NameJonathan Morrissey
Date of BirthOctober 30, 1971
Date of PassingOctober 28, 2023
EducationBS in Criminal Justice, Washburn University
ProfessionAssociate Budget Director at UMKC (20 years)
LegacyKnown for his humor, love for family, and dedication to his profession
Funeral DetailsMass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, November 16, 2023

Jonathan Morrissey’s Life and Legacy

Jonathan Morrissey, known for his humor and warmth, made a lasting impression in both his professional life and personal relationships. His love for family, friends, and hobbies like golfing and fishing defined his character.

Community’s Response to His Passing

His family, friends, and colleagues are remembering Jonathan for his unique personality and the joy he brought into their lives. The community has come together in sharing memories and condolences, reflecting the impact he had on those around him.

Funeral Arrangements

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Kansas City on November 16, 2023. The service is open to all who wish to pay their respects and celebrate Jonathan’s life.

Honoring the Memory of Jonathan Morrissey

Jonathan Morrissey’s life was a blend of humor, dedication, and strong family ties. His passing leaves a void in the hearts of many in Champaign, IL, and beyond.

A Journey Filled with Laughter and Love

From his early days in Kansas City to his lasting impact in Champaign, Jonathan’s life was marked by his ability to bring laughter and joy to those around him. He was a source of light and comfort in his community.

Reflecting on His Contributions

As we mourn his loss, we also celebrate the significant impact Jonathan Morrissey had on his family, friends, and colleagues. His legacy of humor, love, and dedication will continue to inspire those who knew him.

Supporting the Morrissey Family

During this challenging time, the community’s support for the Morrissey family is a testament to the bonds formed through shared experiences and memories. The community stands together in offering comfort and support to his loved ones.


In conclusion, the passing of Jonathan Morrissey is a significant moment of loss for the Champaign community. His life, characterized by his unique personality, commitment to family, and professional dedication, serves as an inspiration, and his memory will continue to guide and influence. Jonathan Morrissey will be remembered as a beloved figure in Champaign, whose presence brought humor and warmth to those around him.