Joshua Ainsworth Obituary: Honoring a Dedicated Newtown Serviceman

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council is in mourning over the tragic loss of Joshua Ainsworth, a devoted serviceman whose life was cut short in a vehicle accident near Barnstaple. His recent involvement in the Remembrance Sunday parade, a symbol of his dedication to service, makes his passing all the more poignant.

Summary Table

Full NameJoshua Ainsworth
RoleServiceman, Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council
Date of PassingRecently, near Barnstaple
Community ContributionActive in Remembrance Sunday parade
Impact on CommunityLeft a significant void in Newtown

Joshua Ainsworth’s Community Engagement

Joshua Ainsworth’s involvement in the Remembrance Sunday parade reflects his commitment to service beyond his military duties. He was an active member of the Newtown community, displaying selflessness and engagement that made him a valued figure in the town.

A Legacy of Dedication and Leadership

Ainsworth’s leadership qualities were not only evident in his military role but also in his interactions with the Newtown Town Council and the Army Cadets. His dedication and leadership have left a lasting impression on those who had the privilege of working with him.

Community’s Response to the Tragedy

The Newtown community stands united in grief, extending thoughts, prayers, and support to Joshua’s family. His passing is a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the impact one individual can have on a community.

Honoring Joshua’s Memory

As we mourn Joshua Ainsworth, we also celebrate his life and contributions. His positive impact and legacy of service will continue to inspire and resonate within the Newtown community.


The untimely passing of Joshua Ainsworth has left an indelible mark on Newtown. His dedication to service and community involvement are the hallmarks of his legacy. As we face this time of sadness, we find strength in unity and support, honoring Joshua’s memory and the resilience and compassion he embodied.