Linda Smith Obituary, A Remarkable Life Remembered

In a heartfelt tribute, we honor the legacy of Linda Smith, a beacon of dedication and advocacy within the ADAC, whose departure on November 7, 2023, has deeply touched our hearts. Linda’s 20-year tenure at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) is a testament to her resolute commitment to curb youth tobacco use in East Texas. Her life’s work stands as a paragon of selflessness and devotion to community well-being.

A Devoted Advocate for Youth

Years of ServiceRole at ADACAdvocacy Focus
20 YearsEmployeePreventing youth tobacco use in East Texas

Linda Smith’s unwavering passion for her cause characterized her as more than an employee; she was an ardent advocate. Her mission was not merely a job but a calling that she pursued with relentless vigor and zeal.

In Memoriam: Linda Smith’s Enduring Impact

As we reflect upon Linda’s monumental contributions, we are reminded of her role not just within ADAC but as a valued member of the broader community. Her efforts have sown seeds of health and awareness that will flourish for generations to come.

Linda Smith’s Commendable Journey at ADAC

  • 1993-2023: Twenty years of dedicated service
  • Advocacy: Championed initiatives against youth tobacco use
  • Community Impact: Left an indelible mark on East Texas through her work

Parting Words of Remembrance

We extend our deepest sympathies to Linda’s family and the ADAC community. May we find strength in unity and solace in the indomitable spirit she has imparted to us all.

A Collective Homage

Let us come together to remember and celebrate Linda’s remarkable life. Her dedication to service and advocacy has not only shaped ADAC’s mission but also enriched countless lives.