Porgera-Paiela MP Maso Karipe Death Cause Linked To Illness: Obituary

Porgera Paiela MP Maso Karipe Death Reasons

The passing of Porgera-Paiela MP Maso Karipe has left a void in the political community and the hearts of the Porgera-Paiela constituents. Known for his commitment to public service, his work as a member of the 11th National Parliament stands as a significant part of his legacy.

A Legacy of Service

Maso Karipe death was linked to long-term illness. (Source: Facebook)

Karipe’s political journey was marked by his election as an independent in the 2022 National General Election. His alliance with the PANGU party and participation in the Public Accounts Committee demonstrated his dedication to governance, transparency, and accountability.

Personal Tributes

Remembered for his advocacy and compassionate leadership, Karipe is survived by family, friends, and colleagues who recall his dedication to service.

Karipe’s Political Journey

2022Elected MPRepresented Porgera-Paiela Open electorate
2022-2023PANGU Party MemberServed on Public Accounts Parliament Committees

The Impact of Loss

Porgera-Paiela MP Maso Karipe Rest in Peace

The untimely demise of MP Karipe is deeply felt, leaving behind a legacy of passionate advocacy and parliamentary work.

Porgera-Paiela MP Maso Karipe Death Cause Linked To Illness: Obituary

MP Maso Karipe’s death has resonated with sorrow throughout his electorate and beyond. His tenure in parliament and unwavering dedication to his community have set a standard for others to follow.

His family and the Porgera-Paiela community are preparing to pay their respects, with further details to be provided to those wishing to honor his memory.

As we commemorate Maso Karipe, we reflect on his exemplary service and the profound impact of his work.

Honoring His Memory

Plans are underway by his family and community to celebrate Karipe’s life and honor his memory. Details on his obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared with the public.


Maso Karipe’s dedication to his constituents and the nation will be remembered and honored, embodying the true spirit of public service.