Mason Graves Obituary, Bismarck City, Mason Graves Leaves Many Devastated

With heavy hearts, we announce the untimely passing of Mason Graves on November 8, 2023, a man whose life was a vivid portrait of love, volunteerism, and community spirit. His unexpected departure at age 60 due to a heart attack leaves many in Bismarck City devastated.

A Heartfelt Union

Mason Graves’ life journey was accentuated by the love and laughter shared with his soulmate, Erin Pasley. Their union, blessed with their daughter Gracelynn Margaret and two foster children, was a beacon of true partnership and familial love.

  • Marital Bliss: Found with Erin Pasley on July 3, 2021.
  • Joy of Parenthood: Enriched by the arrival of their daughter, Gracelynn Margaret, on October 2, 2023.
  • Extended Love: Embraced two foster children into their family.

A Community Pillar

Mason’s belief in the power of volunteering saw him forge deep connections within Bismarck, particularly through his involvement with Young Life and his Wednesday morning tradition of bringing donuts to Bismarck High School.

  • Young Life Member: A commitment to uplifting high-risk students.
  • Community Connection: Built through weekly donut gatherings, offering support and friendship.

Celebrating Mason’s Spirit

The visitation at Ascension Church and the vigil service were profound expressions of communal sorrow and a testament to Mason’s enduring impact.

  • Visitation: Held on Friday, November 10, 2023, at Ascension Church.
  • Vigil Prayer Service: At 7:30 pm, a collective embrace of Mason’s spirit.

The procession to St. Mary’s Cemetery marked Mason’s journey to his final resting place, uniting the community in loss and remembrance.

Honoring His Memory

Mason Graves’ legacy is a tapestry of love and kindness, woven into the hearts of those he touched. His spirit, marked by resilience, continues to resonate within the community and beyond.

  • Eternal Peace: Rests at St. Mary’s Cemetery.
  • Enduring Legacy: Lives on in the love he shared and the lives he transformed.

In memory of Mason Graves, we find strength in our shared love and the indelible marks he left on our lives. His story of love and dedication will be forever cherished and retold, inspiring generations to come.