Meg Lanning Illness And Health 2023: Reason Behind Her Retirement

Meg Lanning Reason Behind Her Retirement

Meg Lanning, a luminary in Australian cricket, has announced her retirement from international cricket, sparking widespread curiosity about her health and the reasons behind her decision.

A Storied Career in Cricket

Meg Lanning’s journey in cricket began with her international debut on December 30, 2010, against New Zealand.

Her career boasts numerous highlights, including a remarkable 112 off 104 deliveries at the 2013 Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Meg Lanning shared the news of her retirement from international cricket. (Source: ABC)

Beyond the international stage, Lanning has made significant contributions to domestic cricket leagues such as the Women’s National Cricket League, Women’s Big Bash League, and Women’s Premier League.

The Illness That Cast a Shadow

Reports of Meg Lanning’s illness have surfaced, raising concerns among her fans. Previously, during the Women’s Ashes 2023, she was advised a four-week rest due to an undisclosed illness. Following an impressive victory at the 2022 Birmingham CWG, Lanning took a six-month hiatus to focus on her mental and physical health. This break from cricket was reported to be for mental health reasons, although specifics were not disclosed to the public.

Health Update in 2023

Meg Lanning health is completely fine, but the news came after she took her retirement from international cricket. (Source: The Guardian)

As of 2023, Meg Lanning’s health appears to be stable, with no current issues reported. This update comes after her announced retirement from international cricket. Despite the lack of detailed information regarding her past health challenges, Lanning’s participation and subsequent victory at the T20 World Cup post-break suggest a positive recovery.

The Enigma of Retirement

The question that looms large is the reason behind Meg Lanning’s retirement. In her statement, Lanning expressed a sense of completion, having achieved much in her illustrious career. She mentioned a loss of spark and motivation as contributing factors to her decision to retire.

The Future and Staying Updated

While Lanning’s immediate plans post-retirement remain undisclosed, fans can stay updated by following her on Instagram (@meglanning7), where she may share future updates.

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Meg Lanning’s retirement marks the end of an era in Australian cricket. While her health and reasons for retiring are personal