Natalie Weber Separada: Relationship With Her Marido Mauro Zárate

Natalie Weber Separada: Relationship update

The rumor mills are abuzz with news of Natalie Weber’s separation from her husband, Mauro Zárate. In an attempt to unearth the truth and provide clarity to her fans, we delve into the developments that have led to this speculation. This article unpacks the couple’s journey, their current challenges, and the strength of their bond despite the distances.

The Weber-Zárate Separation Explained

Cause of SeparationMauro Zárate’s football career demands leading to physical separation
Family DynamicsNatalie stays in Argentina for children’s stability and education
Current StatusSeparation is practical, not personal, with potential for reunion

Mauro Zárate’s professional commitments have necessitated a transatlantic family arrangement. His recent contract extension with Cosenza has disrupted their life in Argentina, with practicalities around the children’s schooling being a paramount concern. Natalie prioritizes their routine and education, choosing stability over a sudden move to Europe.

The Love and Career of Natalie and Mauro

Natalie Weber with her husband (Image Source: Instagram)

Natalie Weber and Mauro Zárate’s love story spans over a decade, marked by mutual support and overcoming adversities. Despite a rocky patch in October 2021, they have demonstrated resilience in their relationship.

  • Beginning of the Relationship: About 13 years ago, Natalie, despite her skepticism towards footballers, fell in love with Mauro.
  • Marriage and Family: They tied the knot, embraced parenthood, and have been navigating the sports world complexities together.

Their dedication to balancing their professional aspirations with their family life is evident. Natalie’s return to Argentine television and Mauro’s continuing football career in Europe exemplify their commitment to supporting each other’s dreams.

Natalie Weber’s Role as a Mother and Professional

Natalie Weber with her family (Image Source: Instagram)

Natalie Weber’s role as a mother remains her top priority as she manages a long-distance relationship with Mauro while also reviving her television career.

The Children: A Core of the Zárate-Weber Family

The children are the heart of the Zárate-Weber family, reflecting the impact of Mauro’s career on their daily lives. Natalie’s decision to prioritize their education and stability speaks volumes of their parenting values.

  • Impact of Career on Family: Mauro’s career decisions have significant implications for the family structure.
  • Children’s Stability: Ensuring the children’s education and social connections are maintained is of utmost importance.

The Zárate-Weber children’s experience of navigating different cultures from a young age adds to their unique upbringing, shaping them into well-rounded individuals.

The Future of the Zárate-Weber Family

As the family copes with the current separation, the future holds new opportunities for growth and bonding. The possibility of reuniting in Italy and the anticipation of Mauro’s career advancements keep hope alive for this family.


The journey of Natalie Weber and Mauro Zárate is a testament to the strength and adaptability of family bonds in the face of professional demands. Their story continues to unfold, with each chapter bringing new challenges and triumphs. As they navigate this separation, their unwavering commitment to each other and their children remains the defining element of their narrative.