NCAA DIII Women’s Soccer Championship 2023 : Bracket, Schedule, Scores, How to Watch

NCAA DIII Women's Soccer Championship 2023

The 2023 DIII women’s soccer championship is underway, showcasing the top collegiate teams in a compelling display of skill and teamwork. This year’s championship includes 64 teams, with 42 automatic qualifiers and 22 at-large candidates. The tournament is advancing towards the semifinals and the national championship, both set to take place at Kerr Stadium in Salem, Virginia.

Overview of the Championship

The championship started with first-round games on November 10 and 11, leading up to the sectionals and eventually to the final rounds on November 30 and December 2. The journey of these teams from the first round to the semifinals in Salem is a testament to their determination and hard work.

Summary Table

StageDateKey Matches
SectionalsSaturday, Nov. 18Amherst vs. Messiah; NYU vs. Rochester
First RoundNov. 10-11NYU 3, Southern Virginia 0; MIT 3, Mount St. Vincent 1
Second RoundSunday, Nov. 12Amherst 3, RIT 1; John Carroll 1, CWRU 0
SectionalsFriday, Nov. 17WashU 4, Calvin 1; Wisconsin-La Crosse 1, Loras 0

Upcoming Key Matches

The excitement continues with the sectionals on November 18, featuring matchups like Amherst vs. Messiah and NYU vs. Rochester. These games are crucial as teams strive to secure their place in the semifinals and, ultimately, the national championship.

How to Watch the Championship

Fans can follow the championship through various channels. The NCAA provides an interactive bracket and live updates on their official website. Additionally, selected games may be streamed online, offering fans a chance to witness the thrilling matches from anywhere.

Historical Context

Looking back at the history of the DIII women’s soccer championship, teams like Johns Hopkins, Christopher Newport, and Messiah have previously claimed the title. These past champions set a high bar for this year’s competitors, adding to the championship’s prestige and excitement.


The 2023 NCAA DIII women’s soccer championship is not just a series of games; it’s a celebration of athletic excellence, teamwork, and the spirit of competition. As the tournament progresses, each match brings us closer to finding out which team will emerge as the national champion.