Ong Ye Kung Daughter Name: Wife Diana Kuik Sin Leng

Ong Ye Kung Daughters

Ong Ye Kung is a prominent Singaporean political figure and the current Health Minister, known for his contributions to the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and his progressive stance on gender equality, inspired by his family life.

Ong Ye Kung’s Family Values

The Influence of His Daughters

Ong Ye Kung Daughters
Ong Ye Kung’s photo with his daughter. (Source: Instagram)

While Ong Ye Kung’s professional life is in the limelight, his daughters play a pivotal role behind the scenes. They have shaped his perspective on societal norms and gender equality, leading to his strong advocacy for women’s rights.

  • Gender Equality Advocacy: Encouraged by his daughters’ curiosity, Ong champions equal treatment for all genders.
  • Inspiration for Policy: Their experiences have directly influenced his support for inclusive policies.

Ong Ye Kung’s Immediate Circle

RelationNameRole in Ong’s Life
WifeDiana Kuik Sin LengSupportive Partner
DaughtersNot Publicly NamedInspirational Figures

Diana Kuik Sin Leng: A Pillar of Strength

Diana Kuik Sin Leng, although not a public figure, plays a crucial role in Ong Ye Kung’s life, providing support and maintaining their family’s privacy.

  • Personal Background: Daughter of a prominent businessman, she has kept a low profile despite the family’s public status.
  • Unwavering Support: Diana’s support has been a cornerstone of Ong’s successful political career.

A Private Family Life

Despite his public persona, Ong Ye Kung has kept his family life, especially information about his daughters, out of the public eye, demonstrating a clear boundary between his service to the nation and his personal life.


Ong Ye Kung, alongside his wife Diana Kuik Sin Leng, navigates the complexities of political life while upholding strong family values. His daughters remain his inspiration, fueling his commitment to creating a more equitable society in Singapore.

Ong Ye Kung’s journey reflects a harmonious blend of public service and private devotion. His family’s influence is a silent yet powerful force, driving his dedication to both his country and the pursuit of equality.