Pat Butler Obituary, Pat Butler Has Passed Away – Death

The Swifts community is in mourning over the loss of Pat Butler, a founding member and a significant pillar in the club’s history. This obituary is a tribute to Pat’s profound influence on the Swifts, celebrating his life and contributions.


NamePat Butler
RoleFounding Member, Former Player of the Swifts
ContributionInstrumental in shaping the identity and legacy of the Swifts
LegacyEnduring impact through camaraderie and shared vision
Community ImpactDeeply felt in the Swifts community
CondolencesExtended to family, friends, and club members

Pat Butler’s Foundational Role in the Swifts

Pat Butler’s role in the inception of the Swifts was not merely participatory; he was a driving force behind the club’s formation. His vision, alongside fellow founder Brian Dillingham, laid the groundwork for a community that has grown to be much more than a sports club. It is a testament to his dedication that the Swifts have evolved into a cherished institution within the sporting world.

Remembering Pat’s Contributions On and Off the Field

Pat Butler’s contributions to the Swifts were multifaceted. As a former player, he displayed exemplary skills and sportsmanship on the field. Off the field, his involvement as a founding member was pivotal in shaping the club’s ethos and spirit. His impact is evident in every facet of the club, from its operations to its community engagement.

The Legacy of Pat Butler in the Swifts Community

The legacy of Pat Butler within the Swifts is immense. He was not just a founder; he was a mentor, a role model, and a source of inspiration for many. His dedication to the club and the spirit of camaraderie he fostered have become integral parts of the Swifts’ identity. The values he instilled are seen in the club’s ongoing activities and its approach to the game.

Honoring Pat Butler’s Memory

As we reflect on Pat Butler’s life, we are reminded of the indelible mark he has left on the Swifts. His passion for the game and his commitment to the club have inspired generations of players and supporters. The Swifts community, while mourning his loss, also celebrates the legacy of a man who was much more than a founder – he was the heart and soul of the club.

Pat Butler’s Enduring Impact on the Swifts

Pat Butler’s influence on the Swifts extends far beyond his time with the club. His vision and dedication continue to be a guiding force, inspiring current and future generations.

The Essence of Pat’s Vision for the Swifts

Pat Butler, along with his co-founder Brian Dillingham, envisioned a club that was more than just about playing sports. They dreamt of a community bound by a love for the game and united by the spirit of camaraderie. This vision has been realized in the Swifts, as seen in the strong bonds and sense of belonging among its members.

Celebrating Pat’s Life and Contributions

Celebrating Pat Butler’s life means acknowledging his multifaceted contributions to the Swifts. His role as a player brought glory to the field, while his leadership and guidance off the field helped shape the club’s culture and values. The Swifts community cherishes his memory and continues to be inspired by his dedication to the club.

The Swifts Community’s Tribute to Pat Butler

The Swifts community comes together to pay tribute to Pat Butler. His family, friends, and all who were part of his journey with the club receive heartfelt condolences. The community unites in remembering the joy and spirit Pat brought to the club, ensuring that his legacy continues to thrive in the heart of the Swifts.


In conclusion, the passing of Pat Butler marks the end of an era for the Swifts, but his legacy lives on. His vision, dedication, and spirit of camaraderie continue to inspire and guide the club. Pat Butler’s memory will always be cherished as a foundational figure who helped shape the Swifts into the esteemed institution it is today.