Paul Kenney Obituary, Paul Kenney Has Passed Away – Death

The Tenth Massachusetts community deeply mourns the loss of Paul Kenney, a cherished member who passed away on September 19th at the age of 91. This obituary pays homage to Paul’s enduring impact on the Tenth Mass. and the void his departure leaves.


NamePaul Kenney
Date of PassingSeptember 19th
CommunityTenth Massachusetts (Tenth Mass.)
LegacyDeep impact on Tenth Mass., known for camaraderie and historical passion
Survived ByWife Sanchen (Sandy), daughter Joan

Paul Kenney’s Contributions to the Tenth Mass.

Paul Kenney was not just a member but a cornerstone of the Tenth Massachusetts, exemplifying the group’s passion for history and camaraderie. His years of involvement and dedication significantly shaped the community’s culture and spirit. His role in the Tenth Mass. went beyond mere participation; he embodied the essence of the group’s mission and values.

Remembering Paul’s Impact and Legacy

Paul’s legacy within the Tenth Mass. is a tapestry woven from his deep commitment to preserving history and the personal connections he fostered. His passing leaves a palpable void, but it also brings into focus the lasting impact he had on the community. He was a figure of inspiration, embodying the spirit of togetherness and shared passion that the Tenth Mass. cherishes.

The Community’s Shared Grief and Memories

As we grapple with the loss of Paul Kenney, we find solace in the collective memories and stories shared. From gatherings around campfires to historical reenactments, Paul was a central figure, bringing warmth and a sense of belonging to every encounter. These shared experiences form a reservoir of memories that continue to provide comfort and guidance to the Tenth Mass. community.

Celebrating Paul Kenney’s Life

In celebrating the life of Paul Kenney, we recognize not just his contributions to the Tenth Mass., but the values he instilled in us. His spirit of camaraderie, dedication to historical preservation, and the warmth of his interactions are elements of his legacy that we carry forward. Paul’s life serves as a guiding light for the Tenth Mass., illuminating the path of shared passion and unity.

The Enduring Influence of Paul Kenney

Paul Kenney’s influence on the Tenth Massachusetts extends far beyond his physical presence. His dedication to the community and its goals left an indelible mark that continues to inspire current and future members.

Paul’s Role in Fostering Community Spirit

Paul played a pivotal role in nurturing the sense of community within the Tenth Mass. His participation in events, his enthusiasm for historical accuracy, and his commitment to shared values helped to strengthen the bonds among members. He was not just a participant; he was a catalyst for unity and collaboration.

The Legacy of Passion and Dedication

Paul Kenney’s passion for history and dedication to the Tenth Mass. serves as a powerful example for all members. His commitment to the community’s objectives and his enthusiasm for historical reenactment were contagious, inspiring others to engage deeply with the group’s activities and purpose.

The Comfort Found in Shared Memories

As the Tenth Mass. community reflects on Paul’s life, comfort is found in the multitude of shared memories. These memories serve as a testament to Paul’s impact and the role he played in enriching the lives of those around him. His stories, laughter, and wisdom continue to resonate, offering solace in this time of loss.

A Call to Honor Paul Kenney’s Memory

In honor of Paul Kenney, the Tenth Massachusetts reaffirms its commitment to the values he championed. This includes a continued dedication to historical preservation, fostering community spirit, and upholding the standards of camaraderie and unity that Paul exemplified.


In conclusion, the passing of Paul Kenney is a profound loss for the Tenth Massachusetts community. Yet, it is also an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate a life marked by passion, dedication, and a deep sense of community. Paul’s spirit, though no longer physically present, continues to inspire and guide us, reminding us of the enduring power of shared passions and the bonds of camaraderie.