Ben Ward Died: Know More About Him, Funeral Plans.A Life of Adventure and Generosity: Remembering Ben Ward Kerbs

The community of Salt Lake City mourns the loss of Ben Ward Kerbs, a figure synonymous with adventure and generosity. His untimely departure on October 26, 2023, in Playa Escondida, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, at the age of 52, has left a profound void. This article is a tribute to his life’s journey, a celebration of his passions, and an announcement of his funeral arrangements.

Summary Table

Birth and Early LifeBorn January 22, 1971, in Salt Lake City
FamilySon of Bill and Gai Kerbs, and Freedom and Edna Yocum
EducationAttended Jordan High School
CareerOwner of Any and All Towing and Power Sports
InterestsOutdoor sports, music, and adventure activities
Funeral ServiceNovember 17, 2023, at LDS ward house, South Jordan, UT
Celebration of Life EventThe View Event Center, South Jordan, UT

Early Life and Family

Born on January 22, 1971, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ben Ward Kerbs was a cherished son of Bill and Gai Kerbs, and Freedom and Edna Yocum. Growing up in a loving and nurturing environment, Ben developed a strong character and a love for the outdoors from a young age. His time at Jordan High School was marked by enthusiasm and a burgeoning sense of adventure, laying the foundation for his later pursuits.

Professional Life and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ben’s career trajectory led him to become the owner of Any and All Towing and Power Sports, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. His business acumen was matched by his dedication and passion for his work, making him a respected figure in his professional community.

A Man of Many Interests

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ben’s life was enriched by a diverse range of interests. He was an avid adventurer, finding joy in activities like fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, flying airplanes, pickleball, mountain biking, tennis, surfing, boating, spearfishing, free diving, skydiving, and even playing the piano and singing. These activities were not just hobbies for Ben; they were an integral part of his identity, reflecting his zest for life and his unwavering passion for exploration.

Community Involvement and Faith

Ben was also an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His faith provided him with solace and guidance, shaping his approach to life and his interactions with others. He was known in his community for his generosity and willingness to lend a helping hand, always ready to support others in their time of need.

Remembering Ben Ward Kerbs

As the community remembers Ben Ward Kerbs, we reflect on the extraordinary life he led. His untimely departure has left a void, but his memory will forever be cherished. Ben’s kind and generous nature touched the lives of many, and his adventurous spirit inspired all who knew him.

Funeral and Celebration of Life

A funeral service has been scheduled for November 17, 2023, at the LDS ward house in South Jordan, UT. This solemn ceremony will allow family, friends, and loved ones to come together and pay their respects. Following this, a celebration of Ben’s life will take place at The View Event Center in South Jordan, UT. This gathering will be a time for attendees to share cherished memories, stories, and experiences, capturing the essence of Ben’s extraordinary journey.

Final Thoughts

Ben Ward Kerbs’ life was a tapestry of adventure, generosity, and impact. As we prepare to honor his memory, his story continues to inspire and influence those who were fortunate enough to know him. His legacy is a reminder of the beauty of embracing life’s adventures and the importance of kindness and community