Ryan Busse Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Montanan Governor Candidate?

Ryan Busse Wikipedia And Age

Ryan Busse, a seasoned hunter, gun manufacturer, and now a gubernatorial candidate from Montana, has captured public attention with his unique background and vision for Montana’s future. This detailed article explores his life, career achievements, and his pursuit of the governorship.

Summary Table

ProfessionHunter, Gun Manufacturer, Author
Political RoleCandidate for Montana Governor
Age53 years old
Notable WorkSenior Advisor at Giffords; Author of ‘Gunfight’
FamilyMarried to Sara, father of two sons
ResidenceKalispell, Montana, USA
Key IssuesGun control, environmental advocacy

Background and Career

A Life Dedicated to Guns and Advocacy

Ryan Busse grew up on a ranch, learning to hunt and handle guns from a young age.

Ryan Busse is a running candidate for the Governor of Montana. (Source: The Trace)

His career spans years in the gun manufacturing industry, notably with the iconic gun company Kimber, where he contributed to selling millions of guns. This experience has given him a unique perspective on gun ownership and violence.

Transition to Political Arena

In recent years, Busse has shifted his focus to political advocacy, especially on gun control issues. As a senior advisor at Giffords, he works to prevent gun violence. His political ambitions have led him to run for the Governor of Montana, where he aims to implement changes that reflect his beliefs and values.

Vision for Montana

Advocating for Change

Busse’s gubernatorial candidacy is driven by his desire to protect Montanans’ rights and freedoms. He has expressed concerns about the current leadership under Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte, particularly regarding women’s healthcare rights, public school support, and property tax increases.

Environmental Advocacy

A passionate environmental advocate, Busse has been involved in various conservation organizations and campaigns.

Ryan Busse is 53 years old. (Source: Mountain & Prairie)

His sons, Lander and Badge, were part of a group that won a district court case challenging Montana’s fossil fuel and climate change policies, highlighting his family’s commitment to environmental issues.

Personal Life

Family Values and Commitment

Ryan Busse is married to Sara, and together they have two sons.

His commitment to family and civic responsibilities is evident in his personal life and political endeavors.

His involvement in his sons’ legal victory over climate policies demonstrates his dedication to shaping a better future for the next generations.


Ryan Busse’s journey from a hunter and gun manufacturer to a gubernatorial candidate is a story of transformation and dedication. At 53, he brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the political landscape of Montana. His campaign is marked by a commitment to change, focusing on gun control, environmental advocacy, and the protection of individual rights.