Sergeant Daryl Bourgeois: A Legacy of Service and Community

We mourn the loss of Daryl Bourgeois, a steadfast Boston University Police Sergeant, whose dedication has profoundly impacted the community and law enforcement.

A Life of Commitment and Service

A Devoted Protector

Sergeant Daryl Bourgeois’s legacy as a committed officer and community member will be remembered by all who had the honor to know him.

A Career of Distinction

  • Boston University Police Sergeant: Over two decades of dedicated service.
  • Community Impact: Deeply committed to the safety and well-being of Boston University and Franklin, MA.

The Heart of Law Enforcement

Daryl Bourgeois exemplified the dedication and sacrifices of law enforcement, becoming a beacon of compassion and duty.

Upholding the Badge

  • Compassionate Service: Known for his kindness and willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Role Model: Inspired his colleagues and community with his dedication.

The Community’s Pillar

Beyond his duties, Sergeant Bourgeois forged strong bonds with residents and students, building a foundation of trust and respect.

Strengthening Community Ties

His natural ability to connect made him an esteemed figure, bridging the gap between the public and the police.

Community Outreach

  • Engagement Initiatives: Contributed to a legacy of cooperation and understanding.
  • Mentorship: Offered guidance and support to those he served.

A Family’s Foundation

Daryl Bourgeois was a beloved husband and father, with family at the forefront of his life’s priorities.

A Loving Family Man

His role at home was as impactful as his professional life, filled with love, support, and exemplary values.

Home is Where the Heart Is

  • Family First: His wife and children were his pride and joy.
  • Role Model at Home: Embodied the virtues he wished to pass on to his family.

Honoring a Life Well-Lived

As we bid farewell, we hold Sergeant Bourgeois’s memory as a guiding example of what it means to serve with honor and love.

In Lasting Memory

His spirit continues to inspire us to uphold the values he represented: service, compassion, and unity.

Forever in Our Hearts

  • Farewell, Sergeant: Daryl Bourgeois’s contributions will not be forgotten.
  • A Continuing Influence: His legacy will shape the community for years to come.