Shannon Flavin Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Shannon Flavin

Kildangan mourns the loss of Shannon Flavin, whose untimely departure has left an indelible void in the hearts of her family and community.

A Life Celebrated in Love and Kindness

The Heart of a Family

Shannon, a devoted partner to Patrick and a loving mother to Daniel, was the embodiment of love and joy within her family and the wider community.

Family Members Touched by Her Love

  • Partner: Patrick Madigan
  • Child: Daniel, cherished U8s player
  • Parents: David and Trish Flavin
  • Sister: Rebecca

A Community’s Sorrow and Support

Her passing brings forth an outpouring of grief, but also a unified support from Kildangan GAA Club and all who knew her.

Kildangan’s United Grief

  • Community Mourning: A collective feeling of loss is experienced.
  • Extended Support: The community extends its heartfelt condolences.

Shannon’s Lasting Impact

Her spirit of compassion and her role as a nurturer have left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire kindness and unity.

An Inspiration to All

Shannon’s life was a testament to the impact one person can have through simple acts of love and care.

The Legacy She Leaves

  • Inspiration: Shannon’s life inspires love and positivity.
  • Unity: Her memory unites us in remembrance and support.

Farewell to a Cherished Soul

As we bid goodbye to Shannon, we reflect on her role as a caring partner, mother, daughter, and sister, and her indelible contribution to our lives.

The Memory Lives On

Her love and the memories shared will continue to provide comfort and strength to her family and the Kildangan community.

A Guiding Light

  • Enduring Memories: Shannon’s spirit will continue to guide and comfort us.
  • Community Strength: In this time of sorrow, we draw closer together, strengthened by the bonds Shannon helped fortify.