Stephen Bull Obituary: Remembering a Life Full of Vibrancy and Love

The community of Orange, Texas, and beyond mourns the sudden passing of Stephen Bull, a man whose final day was a profound reflection of the vibrant life he led. Despite his health struggles, Stephen’s resilience and spirited personality shone brightly in his last hours, leaving an enduring mark on those who knew him. This obituary pays tribute to a man who lived with intention and unwavering commitment to his loved ones.

Summary Table

Full NameStephen Bull
Date of PassingRecently (exact date not specified)
LocationOrange, Texas
Notable RolesClassmate, Coach, Referee, Colleague at DuPont, Church Member
Final Day ActivitiesLunch with mother, granddaughter’s basketball game, dinner with granddaughters
LegacyVibrant spirit, commitment to family, and a heart full of love

A Day of Lasting Memories

Stephen’s final day was a tapestry of simple yet profound joys, epitomizing the love and joy he brought into the lives of his family and friends. His actions that day—taking his mother for lunch, cheering at a basketball game, and sharing dinner with his granddaughters—mirror the essence of a life filled with love, laughter, and deep family bonds.

Vibrant Spirit and Loving Nature

Known for being loud, funny, and unapologetically himself, Stephen’s personality left a lasting impression on everyone he met. Whether as a classmate, coach, referee, colleague at DuPont, or a fellow congregant, he impacted many lives with his larger-than-life persona.

A Legacy Beyond Words

Stephen’s approach to life, marked by high expectations and a deep belief in the potential of others, revealed a man driven by love and care. His demanding nature was a reflection of his commitment to bringing out the best in those around him, a testament to his profound care and concern for others.

The Surreal Nature of Loss

The disbelief and grief felt by those who knew Stephen speak to the indelible impact he had. The surreal nature of his absence highlights the void left by a man whose personality and presence were a significant part of so many lives.

In Heavenly Peace

The comforting belief that Stephen is now in heaven, reunited with loved ones and his beloved dogs, offers solace to those grieving. This vision of eternal peace and joy serves as a beacon of comfort during this difficult time.


Stephen Bull’s life was a beautiful blend of resilience, love, and spirited engagement with the world. As we remember him, we celebrate the vibrancy he brought into our lives and cherish the memories he leaves behind. His spirit, though no longer with us physically, continues to inspire and impact the lives of those he touched.

The community extends its heartfelt condolences to Stephen’s family and friends during this time of loss. We invite all to join in remembering and celebrating the life of a truly unforgettable soul.