Steve Hocking Obituary, A Life Dedicated to Service

The Alma Hotel, Willunga, stands in mourning as we honor the life of Steve Hocking, whose love for music and joyful spirit enriched every life he touched.

The Final Curtain Call

Steve Hocking’s sudden departure on a late Wednesday night has left our hearts heavy with the loss of a man whose life was a symphony of warmth and love.

A Kindred Spirit of Melody

Steve’s passion for music and his dynamic presence at the Alma Hotel created an unforgettable harmony in our community.

  • Music Enthusiast: His love for rhythm was profound.
  • Vibrant Spirit: Steve’s energy was a beacon of joy at every gathering.

His absence is deeply felt, but the music continues to carry the essence of his soul.

In Solidarity with His Loved Ones

Our thoughts are with Suzie, his beloved wife, and his loving family during this time of profound sorrow.

Family MembersOur Support
SuzieWe share in your grief and extend our love.
Family and FriendsUnited in remembrance of Steve’s vibrant life.

We come together as a community to support and console one another in shared loss.

Celebrating Steve Through Song

Tonight’s performance at the Alma Hotel is a heartfelt dedication to a man whose life was interwoven with the notes of life’s melodies.

  • Dedicated Performance: A tribute to Steve’s musical legacy.
  • Shared Memories: Recollecting the joy Steve brought into our lives.

Each chord played is a remembrance of Steve’s enduring passion for music.

An Open Invitation to Remembrance

We invite all who knew Steve to join us in celebrating his life through the universal language of music.

  • Time of Tribute: Starting at 7:30 pm, a night of shared stories and melodies.
  • Celebratory Toast: Raise a glass to honor Steve’s memory.

The Alma Hotel becomes a sanctuary of remembrance, echoing with the tunes Steve adored.

Steve’s Lasting Harmony

As we play tonight, we feel Steve’s spirit amongst us, woven into the melodies that bind us together.

  • Enduring Impact: Steve’s legacy lives on in music and memories.
  • Farewell Note: May the music tonight be a testament to Steve’s joyful life.

Steve Hocking, your memory will forever resonate within the Alma Hotel and beyond.