BIBI Drives into New Territory with Becky G in ‘Amigos’ as She Reveals ‘True Self’: ‘Always Shapeshifting’ (Exclusive)

BIBI Drives into New Territory with Becky G.j

South Korean solo artist BIBI is making waves in the music industry with her new collaboration with Becky G in the song ‘Amigos’. Known for her eclectic style and candid lyrics, BIBI is embarking on a new chapter in her career, one that promises to showcase more of her “ugly side” and true self. The song ‘Amigos’, a blend of Spanish, English, and Korean, is a testament to BIBI’s versatility and her commitment to breaking musical boundaries.

Summary Table

Collaboration with Becky GSong ‘Amigos’ blending Spanish, English, and Korean.
Musical EvolutionTransition from Soundcloud artist to international star.
Artistic IdentityKnown for shapeshifting personas and bold performances.
Personal GrowthTransition from a shy individual to a confident performer.
Future AspirationsCommitment to showing her true self in her music.

BIBI’s Musical Evolution and Collaboration with Becky G

BIBI and Becky G. AMY LEE

BIBI’s journey from Soundcloud to collaborating with international stars like Becky G marks a significant evolution in her career. Her collaboration with Becky G in ‘Amigos’ stands out as a bold exploration of genres and languages. The song’s provocative lyrics and catchy beats are a clear indication of BIBI’s fearless approach to music-making.

The Story Behind ‘Amigos’

Becky G and BIBI. AMY LEE

The music video for ‘Amigos’, set against a mountainous backdrop, is a narrative of guilt and seduction, featuring BIBI and Becky G in a thrilling ride. The song’s sensual lyrics, sung in Spanish, English, and Korean, showcase BIBI’s skill in weaving languages together, reflecting her global appeal.

BIBI’s Artistic Journey

BIBI, whose real name is Kim Hyung-seo, has always been a dynamic force in the music industry. From her debut album ‘Lowlife Princess: Noir’ to her hit single ‘BIBI Vengeance’, BIBI has consistently pushed the boundaries of her music. Her ability to switch between personas and draw from various experiences has shaped her unique sound.

Empowering Moments and Personal Growth

BIBI’s performances, like her act of throwing condoms to the audience at a festival, highlight her confidence and boldness. These actions contrast sharply with her earlier self-described “weird creature” persona, showcasing her growth into a fearless artist.

BIBI’s Personal Insights and Future Aspirations

BIBI shares candid insights about her life, from her love for climbing and drawing to her admiration for Korean food and anime. She speaks openly about her struggles and the importance of being true to oneself, both on and off the stage.

Embracing the ‘Ugly Side’

BIBI’s commitment to showing her “ugly side” in her music reflects her desire for authenticity. She aims to connect with her fans on a deeper level, sharing not just the glamorous aspects of her life but also her vulnerabilities.


BIBI’s collaboration with Becky G in ‘Amigos’ is a significant milestone in her career, marking her continuous evolution as an artist. Her willingness to explore new territories and embrace her true self sets her apart in the music industry. With ‘Amigos’, BIBI not only cements her status as a global artist but also paves the way for more authentic and boundary-pushing music in the future.