Susan Tassoni Obituary: A Tribute to a Life of Strength and Love

The family of Susan Follo Tassoni announces with profound sadness her passing after a valiant battle with cancer. Her journey, characterized by immense strength and optimism, has left an indelible mark on those who knew her.

Summary Table

Full NameSusan Follo Tassoni
Cause of DeathCancer
LegacyStrength, love, resilience
Funeral ArrangementsPending

Celebrating Susan’s Life

Susan’s life was a testament to her unwavering determination and spirit. Her resilience and kindness were sources of inspiration, guiding her loved ones through challenging times.

A Legacy of Love and Impact

Beyond her family, Susan touched the lives of many with her compassion and selflessness. She will be remembered for her laughter, warmth, and unconditional love, echoing in the hearts of those she touched.

Funeral Arrangements and Support

Details of Susan’s funeral arrangements will be shared soon. The family appreciates your thoughts and prayers during this grieving process and finds strength in the support of the community.

Cherishing Memories and Lessons

As we mourn Susan’s loss, we also celebrate the beautiful moments shared with her. Her legacy of love and resilience will continue to inspire and guide us.


In bidding farewell to Susan Tassoni, we honor her impact and cherish the memories she leaves behind. Her spirit will guide us, reminding us to treasure our time with loved ones and live with strength and love.