How to Take Out 2 Pals at The Same Time

Take Out 2 Pals at The Same Time

In the fascinating realm of Palworld, your trusty Pals are your companions and workforce. Typically, players can deploy only one Pal at a time to maintain game balance. However, we’ve uncovered a secret that can give you an edge – the ability to take out two Pals simultaneously! In this guide, we will delve into this game-changing feature, empowering you to conquer challenges with ease and speed.

Table of Contents

  1. Pal Necklace
  2. Pal Gear Workbench
  3. Pals That Benefit
  4. Versatile Applications
  5. Conclusion

Pal Necklace

In Palworld, you can wield the power of two Pals simultaneously using a special item known as the Pal Necklace. This invaluable accessory can be crafted at your Pal Gear Workbench, alongside saddles and other useful tools. By equipping the Pal Necklace, you unlock the ability to deploy two Pals concurrently.

Pal Gear Workbench

The Pal Gear Workbench is the place where you can craft the Pal Necklace and other essential items. It serves as your workshop for various Pal-related equipment, making it a crucial location in Palworld.

Pals That Benefit

While not all Pals can take advantage of this feature, some excel when paired with the Pal Necklace. Two notable examples are Flopie and Daedream. Flopie’s necklace allows it to gather resources while another Pal aids you in combat, offering incredible versatility. In contrast, Daedream remains by your side, ready to engage in battle alongside another Pal. This opens up a wide array of possibilities, from tackling formidable foes to bolstering your base’s defense.

Versatile Applications

The ability to use two Pals simultaneously offers a multitude of advantages. It proves invaluable in boss battles, resource gathering, base construction, and defense. Imagine effortlessly taking on a menacing boss while your second Pal collects essential materials nearby. The applications are nearly limitless, making it a strategic choice for players looking to progress swiftly in Palworld.

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In conclusion, the Pal Necklace is a game-changing feature in Palworld, allowing you to harness the power of two Pals at the same time. This enhances your gameplay experience, making it easier to overcome challenges and expedite your in-game progression. By crafting this unique accessory and selecting the right Pals, you’ll unlock a world of opportunities. Equip your Pals with the Pal Necklace and watch as your journey in Palworld reaches new heights.