Taraja Ramsess Wife: Daughter Sundari And Fugibo Killed In Accident

Family tragedy involving Taraja Ramsess

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the entertainment industry mourns the loss of Taraja Ramsess, whose life and family were struck by tragedy. This article reflects on Ramsess’s esteemed career and the profound impact of his and his daughters’ passing.

Tribute to Taraja Ramsess

A beloved figure in the stunt community, Taraja Ramsess’s prowess was unmatched. His dedication and skill in various disciplines, including martial arts and motorcycling, made him a notable figure in the industry.


Martial ArtsProficient in multiple disciplines including MMA and Kenpo
SwimmingExpert swimmer, often performing water stunts
MotorcyclingSkilled motorcycle rider and performer

The Ramsess Household

Taraja Ramsess Families
Taraja Ramsess with his children. (Source: Facebook)

While not much is publicized about Taraja Ramsess’s wife, his love for his daughters was evident. Their lives were tightly knit with love and affection.

Loving Father to Sundari and Fugibo

  • Sundari: Shared her father’s passion and joy.
  • Fugibo: A tender age of one month, her passing left a void.

The Devastating Accident

The Ramsess family faced an unimaginable tragedy when Taraja and his daughters Sundari and Fugibo were fatally injured in a car accident.

Tragic Incident

Taraja RamsessAdultDeceased
Sundari RamsessNot DisclosedDeceased
Fugibo Ramsess1 MonthDeceased

Community Support for the Ramsess Family

Taraja Ramsess Child
Taraja Ramsess with his daughters. (Source: Facebook)

In response to the tragedy, the community rallied to support the bereaved family through fundraising efforts and moral support.

The Aftermath and Aid

  • Investigation: Local authorities are conducting a thorough investigation.
  • Fundraising: A GoFundMe campaign to assist with funeral costs and support.

A Glimpse into Ramsess’s Career

Taraja Ramsess’s legacy is adorned with high-profile work that showcased his diverse skill set and commitment to his profession.

Career Highlights

“Black Panther”Stunt performer
“Avengers: Endgame”Stunt performer
“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”Stunt performer

Conclusion: Remembering Taraja Ramsess

As we honor Taraja Ramsess, we are reminded of the impermanence of life and the importance of road safety. His contributions to film and his love as a father will remain in our memories.

Remembering the Artist and the Man

  • Profession: Stuntman, Martial Artist
  • Industry: Entertainment, Film
  • Contributions: Renowned for dynamic stunt work, valued family man

The loss of Taraja Ramsess and his daughters is a stark reminder of life’s fragility. We celebrate his life, mourn their passing, and extend our thoughts to the family during this challenging time.