Tiffanie Lucas Criminal Record And Mug Shot: Why Did Celine Ann Kills Sons?

Netflix Carol Jarvis Murder Case

A harrowing tale has emerged from Kentucky, where Tiffanie Lucas, a 32-year-old mother, stands accused of murdering her two young sons, ages 6 and 9. The community is in shock as more details come to light about the case and Lucas’s apparent lack of emotion during her arraignment.

Tiffanie Lucas’s Court Appearance

On Thursday, Lucas appeared emotionless in a video arraignment from the Bullitt County Detention Center. She was charged with two counts of murder following the tragic death of her sons. The judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf and assigned a public defender. Her bail was set at a steep $2 million, with a stipulation that she must not possess any firearms if released.

Arraignment Details at a Glance

Event DetailInformation
DefendantTiffanie Lucas
ChargeTwo counts of murder
Court AppearanceShowed no emotion; Not guilty plea entered; Public defender assigned
Bail Amount$2 million
Additional StipulationProhibited from possessing firearms if released

Tragic Day of the Incident

Netflix Carol Jarvis Murder Case
Accused of murdering her children, Tiffanie Lucas, 32, faces devastating charges. (Image Source: WAVE 3)

The Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office received a distressing 911 call reporting two children covered in blood with a gun on the bed. Despite immediate law enforcement and medical response, the two boys were pronounced dead after being rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital, unable to survive their critical injuries.

Incident Overview

  • Time of 911 Call: Shortly after 11 a.m., Wednesday
  • Initial Response: Two children found alive but in critical condition
  • Outcome: Both boys succumbed to their injuries at the hospital

Investigation Underway

The Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, led by Col. Alex Payne, indicated that the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, with no clear motive established. The father of one child is deceased, and the identity of the second child’s father remains unknown. Lucas was apprehended at the scene and taken into custody by late afternoon.

Investigation Status

  • Father of One Victim: Deceased
  • Father of Second Victim: Unidentified
  • Lucas’s Arrest Time: 3:45 p.m., Wednesday
  • Motive: Unknown at present

Community and Legal Reaction

As this tragic event unfolds, the community and legal system are closely watching. Lucas’s court-appointed attorney has not issued any statements. The case has caused a ripple of grief and disbelief throughout Shepherdsville, leaving more questions than answers.

Tiffanie Lucas kids
The motive behind Celine Ann’s alleged act of killing her sons remains unclear. (Image Source: The US Sun)


The story of Tiffanie Lucas is a stark reminder of the unpredictability and horror that can strike in any community. With two young lives lost and a mother charged with their murder, the town of Shepherdsville faces a long road to recovery and understanding.