Who Is Allison Cowley, Timothy Omundson Wife? 2 Daughters

Who Is Allison Cowley, Timothy Omundson Wife? 2 Daughters

Timothy Omundson, celebrated for his role as Detective Carlton Lassiter in “Psych,” shares a beautiful life with his wife, Allison Cowley. A figure of strength and support, Cowley plays a significant role in Omundson’s life, especially during his health challenges. This article delves into their life together, highlighting the role of Cowley and their two daughters in Omundson’s journey.

Summary Table

Timothy Omundson’s RoleDetective Carlton Lassiter in “Psych”
Wife’s NameAllison Cowley
ChildrenTwo Daughters
Marital LifeStrong and Supportive
Health ChallengesOmundson’s Stroke in 2017
Family’s RoleKey Support During Recovery

The Life of Timothy Omundson and Allison Cowley

Timothy Omundson, born on July 29, 1969, is renowned for his dynamic performances across various platforms in the entertainment industry. His wife, Allison Cowley, remains a pillar of strength in his life, offering unwavering support, particularly during his health struggles.

Allison Cowley: The Woman Behind the Actor

Allison Cowley, despite her preference for privacy, has been a significant presence in Omundson’s life. Her ability to maintain a low profile has allowed her husband to excel in the limelight, while she provides stability and support behind the scenes. Her role became even more crucial following Omundson’s stroke in 2017, showcasing her resilience and dedication to their family.

Omundson’s Resilient Spirit and Cowley’s Support

Timothy Omundson’s journey through health challenges, including a debilitating stroke, highlighted the importance of Cowley’s role in his life. Her commitment and support during his recovery have been instrumental in navigating this difficult phase, underscoring the strength of their bond.

At the heart of Omundson’s life are his two daughters, whom he shares with Allison Cowley. While maintaining their privacy, Omundson occasionally shares glimpses of their family life, portraying a warm and loving household.

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The Role of Fatherhood in Omundson’s Life

Timothy Omundson with his wife. (Source: Getty Images)

Timothy Omundson’s role as a father is as significant as his career achievements. His interactions with his daughters, as seen through occasional social media posts, reflect a deep bond and a commitment to family values. These moments offer a glimpse into the actor’s life beyond his professional persona.

The support and love from his family, especially his two daughters, have been pivotal in Omundson’s recovery journey. Their shared experiences, filled with laughter and growth, depict a family united in facing life’s challenges together. This aspect of Omundson’s life illustrates the profound impact of family on an individual’s resilience and well-being.

Omundson and Cowley: A Partnership of Strength

Timothy Omundson kid’s details revealed. (Source: Instagram)

The relationship between Timothy Omundson and Allison Cowley, along with their life with their two daughters, represents a story of love, support, and perseverance. Cowley’s role in Omundson’s life extends beyond that of a partner; she is a cornerstone of their family’s strength and stability.

The decision to keep their family life private reflects Omundson’s desire to protect his loved ones from the public eye. This approach ensures a sense of normalcy for his daughters, allowing them to grow in a nurturing and protected environment. It also speaks to Omundson’s priorities, placing family and personal well-being above public exposure.


The story of Timothy Omundson and Allison Cowley, along with their two daughters, is one of enduring love and mutual support. It highlights the importance of family in navigating life’s challenges, showcasing the strength that comes from a loving and supportive partnership.