Parents of Valentin Meurtre: Father Arrested for Shooting Citroen Picasso and Mother

Parents of Valentin Meurtre: Father arrested for shooting Citroen Picasso and mother

The shocking case of Valentin Nurdin, a 15-year-old boy who confessed to the double homicide of his parents in Isser, has captivated the internet. The details of this tragic incident, involving the burning of his home and the subsequent arrest, have unfolded into a complex narrative of mental illness, family dynamics, and a harrowing crime.

Summary Table

IncidentValentin Nurdin confessed to murdering his parents and burning their house in Isser.
Valentin’s ConditionDescribed as intelligent but ambivalent, suffering from Lyme disease, and homeschooled.
Crime DetailsUsed his father’s hunting rifle for the murders; set fire to the house; fled in a Citroën Picasso.
Arrest and ConfessionArrested in Nord-Isère, openly confessed to the crime.
Legal ProceedingsUndergoing psychiatric evaluation, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted.

Tragic Incident in Isser: Valentin Nurdin’s Crime

On November 27, in Chateauvillen, Isère, the small community was shocked by the news of Valentin Nurdin’s heinous act. Using his father’s hunting rifle, he shot and killed his parents in their bedroom. In an attempt to erase evidence, he set their house on fire and fled in his father’s Citroën Picasso. The vehicle was later found damaged in Saint-Uze, Drôme. This incident sparked a 300-kilometer long investigation leading to Valentin’s arrest.

Valentin’s Mental State and Motivation

Valentin, described as intellectually capable but emotionally conflicted, has a complex mental state. Suffering from severe symptoms of Lyme disease, he resorted to correspondence courses instead of regular schooling. His confession revealed a battle with multiple personalities, one of which he described as particularly malevolent. This aspect of his psychological condition is a crucial part of the ongoing investigation and legal proceedings.

The Arrest and Investigation

Valentin was apprehended in Nord-Isère with the collaborative effort of the Montpellier gendarmes. During his detention, he openly admitted to the murders, leading to an extension of his detention for further interrogation. The focus of the investigation is now on his mental health, with psychiatric evaluations to determine his state of mind during the crime.

Family Dynamics and Legal Proceedings

The authorities are set to incorporate testimony from Valentin’s 17-year-old brother, Tituan, which is expected to shed light on the family dynamics. The legal process, considering Valentin’s juvenile status, indicates a potential maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. This ongoing case continues to attract attention due to its disturbing nature and the various aspects involved, from family to mental health.


Valentin Meurtre’s case is a tragic blend of family tragedy, mental health complexities, and criminal justice. As the investigation continues, it highlights the crucial need for understanding mental illness in young individuals and the impact it can have on their actions and decisions. This case not only tells the story of a young boy’s struggle with his inner demons but also poses serious questions about the societal and familial factors that contribute to such devastating outcomes.