Walter Maltby Obituary, Learn More About Walter Maltby Death

The community of Amherst is draped in mourning following the peaceful passing of Walter Henry Maltby, age 91, a man whose life was a living chronicle of our town’s heritage.

A Life Entwined with Amherst’s History

Deep Roots in the Community

Walter’s lineage, as the son of Frederick and Pearl (Brown) Maltby, was emblematic of a bygone era and resonated with the town’s storied past.

Maltby Family Lineage

  • Frederick and Pearl (Brown) Maltby: Walter’s parents.
  • Historic Roots: A family intertwined with Amherst’s history.

A Living Bridge to the Past

Walter witnessed the changing tides of Amherst’s history, enriching it with his stories and fortifying its traditions.

Contributions to Amherst’s Tapestry

  • A Century of Witness: His 91 years spanned generations of change.
  • Preserver of Traditions: Upheld the values and community spirit of Amherst.

Remembering Walter Maltby’s Impact

The loss of such a storied individual imprints upon us the value of preserving collective memories and the essence of community.

The Legacy of a Town’s Spirit

Walter embodied the spirit of Amherst, and his tales will continue to inspire and educate future generations.

The Fabric of the Community

  • Historical Significance: His life was a testament to Amherst’s evolving story.
  • Enduring Values: Represented the core values of hard work and family.

The Final Chapter of a Storied Life

As we bid farewell to Walter Henry Maltby, we reflect on the imprints he left on the hearts and history of Amherst.

An Era’s Closure

His passing signifies the end of an era but the commencement of a lasting legacy.

In Loving Memory

  • Farewell to a Historian: Walter’s life was a treasure trove of Amherst’s past.
  • Continued Inspiration: His influence remains a guiding force.